Unofficial totals for county, nonpartisan races

By Beth Sergent

POINT PLEASANT Unofficial totals in county races were reported as part of Tuesday’s Primary Election.

Included in those unofficial results were races for county commission, prosecuting attorney, sheriff and assessor. Nonpartisan races for magistrates and board of education seats were also included in the unofficial results.

As of Tuesday night, 7,085 ballots had been cast by registered voters in Mason County, though an estimated 715 absentee ballots were still out when the polls closed. Also, an unknown number of provisional ballots were yet to be totaled, though 10 total provisionals were cast during the early voting period.

It remained unclear how many of those absentee ballots will be returned and then verified. Absentee ballots were required to be postmarked by election day. Any additional absentee and provisional ballot totals will be reported following the election canvas at 9 a.m. on Monday at the Mason County Court House.

According to the unofficial results compiled on Tuesday night by Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley and her staff, here are the latest numbers:

On the Democrat ticket:

County Commission: Incumbent Rick Handley, 2,657.

Prosecuting Attorney: Tanya Handley, 2,568.

Sheriff: Ronnie Spencer, 1,120. Marc Kearns, 1,098. Jason Jeffers, 542. Brooks Pelfrey, 203.

Assessor: Incumbent Ron Hickman, 1,725. Sally Smith, 1,295.

On the GOP ticket:

County Commission: Thomas “Tommy” Mayes, 3,007.

Prosecuting Attorney: Seth Gaskins, 2,872.

Sheriff: Corey J. Miller, 1,553. Curtis “Clyde” McConihay, 1,076. William Keefer, 819.

Assessor: Aimee Duncan, 3,101.

Nonpartisan races:

Magistrate Division 1: Steven Tarbett, 3,348. Ernie Watterson, 3,303.

Magistrate Division 2: Incumbent Melanie L. Sang, 5,993.

Board of Education: Incumbent Meagan Bonecutter, 4,665. Incumbent Rhonda Tennant, 3,975. Cassidy Duffer, 1,851.

The Point Pleasant Register will report on the official election numbers once the canvas is complete on Monday.

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