Where the bike trail leads

Kylenn Criste, Gabe Roush, Kevin Fooce and Mike Rawson, of the Point Pleasant Bike Trail Committee, have placed signs like this one at Riverfront Park, along the city’s bike trail to assist local and visiting bikers.

Kylenn Criste and Mike Rawson place signs along the Point Pleasant Bike Trail. The Point Pleasant Bike Trail Committee raised funds for the signs and hope to eventually expand biking options in Point Pleasant.

POINT PLEASANT — The Point Pleasant Bike Trail Committee has placed signs along the city’s bike trail to assist local and visiting bike riders.

The safe bike route stays away from heavy traffic areas. Starting at Tu-Endie-Wei State Park, the trail moves north along Main Street, crossing 12th Street on to Ohio Street, then crossing at 15th Street to Kanawha Street. It then snakes along to Poplar Street, turning onto North Main Street, crossing the railroad tracks to Madison Avenue. It also crosses Lincoln Avenue, then at 28th Street crossing over to Parrish Avenue, to Kathnor Lane and then to Jackson Avenue, and ending near 30th Street.

The cost of the signage was estimated to be roughly $480 with existing stop and street signs being utilized. The bike trail committee raised funds for the signage.

By placing the signs along the route, this assists visitors who may not be familiar with Point Pleasant, with finding a safe, fun and healthy way to explore the city via bicycles. The signs also increase the town’s “bike friendliness,” according to Gabe Roush of the bike trail committee.

It’s hoped the trail will expand in time, giving residents and visitors more recreational and healthy options to explore Point Pleasant on two wheels.