PPHS Class of 2020… Scholarships announced

Scholarships, awards announced

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Pictured from left, PPHS Seniors Cohen Yates, Dylan Tayengco and Kaylee Nott. (Courtesy photo)

Pictured from left, PPHS Seniors Cohen Yates, Dylan Tayengco and Kaylee Nott. (Courtesy photo)

POINT PLEASANT — Scholarships and awards have been announced for the Point Pleasant High School (PPHS) graduating class of 2020.

In addition, PPHS Principal William Cottrill has announced Kaylee Nott finished first in the class, followed by Dylan Tayencgo.

The following scholarships were awarded to students at PPHS:

AEP/Mountaineer Plant to Shyanna Utterback.

American Legion Auxiliary Unit #0023 Sons of the American Legion to Haley Milhoan, Josie Hill, Olivia Dotson, and Peyton Hughes.

APG Polytech, LLC. to Ally Harper, Tristan Pearson and Colton Pearson.

Beale Elementary to Josie Hill.

Beartha S. Filson Scholarship to Mariah C. Jones.

Brandon Warner Scholarship to Juan Marquez.

Charles F. White Scholarship to Haley Milhoan.

Community Foundation of Mason County to Amber Hatfield.

Deal Funeral Home to Anna Litchfield and Samantha Saunders.

Donna Deal Memorial Scholarship to Kasey Lyons and Kara Topping.

Delta Kappa Gamma Society to Josie Hill.

Epperly Memorial Scholarship to Kayle Burris.

GFWC Woman’s Club of Point Pleasant to Kasey Lyons and Izabella King.

Sue Handley Memorial Scholarship to Lacie Mullins.

Holzer Health Care System Science Award to Garrett Hatten.

International Brotherhood of Boilermakers to Izabella King.

Jack E. and Frances “Babs” Fruth Scholarship to Monica J. Cook and Samantha Saunders.

Kayser, Layne and Clark to Morgan K. Miller.

Keener Scholarship to Isabella King.

Kelly Harper Ferguson Scholarship to Amber Hatfield.

Lillian and Paul Wedge Scholarship to Peyton Hughes.

Mary Jo Cochran Scholarship to Carlee Sang and Josie Hill.

Mason County Association of Retired School Employees to Olivia Dotson.

Mason County CEOS to Josie Hill.

Mason County Chamber of Commerce to Taylor Tatterson.

Mason County Commission Scholarship to Zoe Pearson.

Moose Lodge #731 to Lauren Gritt.

OVB 4-H Scholarship to Josie Hill.

Larry Martin memorial Scholarship to Peyton Hughes.

Point Financial Services Insurance to Hannah Spurlock.

Point Pleasant High School Alumni Association Scholarship to Amber Hatfield, Izabella King and Cohen Yates.

PPHS Alumni/William and Wanda Waldie Scholarship to Haley Milhoan.

PPHS Academic Boosters to Izabella King, Peyton Hughes, Peyton Jordan, Josie Hill and Samantha Saunders.

PPHS Soccer Boosters to Peyton Hughes, Garrett Hatten, Cohen Yates, Lacie Mullins, Monica Cook, Morgan R. Miller and Ashley Staats.

PPHS Volleyball Boosters to Peyton Jordan, Hayley Milhoan, Olivia Dotson, Remington Durst, Cheyenne Durst, McKeehan Justus, Mark kincaid, Carley Woyan.

PPHS Cheerleading Boosters to Jenna Snyder, Hanna Lee and Tristan Pearson.

PPHS Softball Boosters to Peyton Jordan and Amber Hatfield.

PPHS Class of 1980 Scholarship to Samantha Saunders, Jovone Johnson, Kara Topping and Olivia Dotson.

The Robert and Louise Claflin Foundation Scholarship to Kassidy Jordan and Kasey M. Lyons.

Wilcoxen Funeral Home to Mark Kincaid and Ally Harper.

Woodmen Life Focus Forward Scholarship to Ally Harper.

WV DEP Rick Vicellio Memorial Scholarship for Youth Environmental Day to Jose Hill.

Point Pleasant Rotary to Amber Hatfield, Ashley Staats and Carlee Sang.

Verna K. Gibson Scholarship to Haley Milhoan.

Gilbert S. Elliott Scholarship to Kassidy A. Jordan.

Ima Blake Scholarship to Nicholas P. Smith

Andrea Bailes Scholarship to Samantha Saunders, Haley Milhoan and Hannah Spurlock.

Benjamin E. and Julia Snead Scholarship to Kara Topping.

Lois B. Shinn Scholarship to Hannah Spurlock.

Gordan and Mildred Jackson Scholarships to Ally Harper, Ashley Staats, Juan Marquez, Kassidy Jordan, Peyton Hughes, Peyton Jordan and Tristan Pearson.

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation – Leopold and Elizabeth Marmet Scholarship to Peyton Hughes.

Marshal University Merit Based Scholarships: A. Michael Perry Scholarship to Kayle Burris, Amber Hatfield and Morgan R. Miller. Presidential Scholarship to Monica Cook, Aleah Gerwig, Gabriel Hall, Peyton Jordan, Jacob Muncy, Zoe Pearson and Kara Topping. Board of Governors Scholarship to Isaac Daniels, Garrett Hatten and Izabella King. John Marshall Scholarship to Peyton Hughes, Samantha Saunders, Dylan Tayengco and Cohen Yates. John Laidley Scholarship to Kassidy Jordan. Marshall Opportunity Grant to Mark Kincaid, Carlee Sange and Jenna Snyder.

West Virginia PROMISE Scholarship to Nazar Abbas, Kayle Burris, Monica Cook, Isaac Daniels, Aleah Gerwig, Garrett Hatten, Josie Hill, Peyton Hughes, Mariah Joones, Kassidy Jordan, Peyton Jordan, Izabella King, Kasey Lyons, Morgan K. Miller, Jacob Muncy, Kaylee Nott, Zoe Pearson, Colton Pearson, Samantha Saunders, Ethan Scott, Nicholas P. Smith, Ashley Staats, Taylor Tatterson, Dylan Tayengco, Kara Topping and Dakota Ward.

WV Higher Education Grant to Amber Hatfield and Josie Hill.

Federal Pell Grant to Amber Hatfield.

Glenville Hidden Promise Consortium Scholarship to Josie Hill.

Glenville State College Merit Award to Josie Hill.

Underwood-Smith Teaching Scholarship/Grant to Josie Hill.

Morehead State National Dean’s Competitive Scholarship to Kayle Burris.

Morehead State Eagle Tomorrow Scholarship to Kayle Burris.

Cedarville University Scholarships to Carson Chambers — Faculty Excellence Scholarship, Pastor’s Recommendation and One Campus Leadership Scholarship.

Ohio State University Scholarships to Cohen Yates — Maximus Scholarship and National Buckeye Scholar.

University of Charleston Presidential Scholarship to Kaylee Nott.

Ohio University Trustee Award to Shala Swain.

Pictured from left, PPHS Seniors Cohen Yates, Dylan Tayengco and Kaylee Nott. (Courtesy photo)
https://www.mydailyregister.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/24/2020/06/web1_6.2-senior-parade-2.jpgPictured from left, PPHS Seniors Cohen Yates, Dylan Tayengco and Kaylee Nott. (Courtesy photo)
Scholarships, awards announced

Staff Report