Reader remarks on neighbors helping neighbors

Dear Editor,

Having not met this pastor personally but enjoy his articles in the Point Pleasant Register every week, I knew by word of mouth that Rev. Ron Branch of Mason was having serious surgery. Growing up on Mission Ridge as a child it was just a normal scene to see neighbors come together when a need for help would arise. What a great lesson of unselfishness that was for us children and today I believe that pattern still remains in some hearts.

I was reminded of a caring love while traveling through Mason after Pastor Branch’s surgery. I noticed vehicles parked along the road below his house. Wondering if something went wrong during surgery I looked up the bank to his house and saw a love for their fellow man. Several guys were scanning his yard with lawnmowers. I was reminded again that the good is still among us and sometimes we overlook them and forget to say God bless you. I was touched at what I saw.

Evelyn Roush

New Haven