Safety stickers soon available in Mason Co.

Dear Editor,

We all place our children in car safety seats when we travel to keep them safe. But have you ever thought about who knows who your child is in the event of an accident?

For children too young to tell others their name, it could be reassuring if the emergency responders were calling them by their name. What if you were unable to respond due to injuries and you were the only adult in the vehicle?

The West Virginia Governor’s Highway Safety Program has made Child Safety Seat Emergency Identification Stickers available to the Mason County Health Department. These stickers consist of three parts. The large sticker, which includes the name of the child and parents, address and phone numbers, birth date of the child; the health care provider; critical medical information; and someone other than parents to contact in an emergency. This large sticker is to be placed on the underside of the car seat.

The two smaller stickers are to be placed on each side of the car seat so it is visible to alert the emergency responders that emergency identification information is on the underside of the car seat.

Stop by the health department to obtain a sticker set for each car seat that you use to transport your children in your daily activities.

Diana Riddle

Mason County Health Department administrator