Letter to the Editor: Outsiders looking in

Outsiders looking in

Dear Editor,

We recently stopped in your town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia and was pleasantly surprised. We were greeted on the street walking toward the Mothman statue by two separate individuals. One was a lady with a small dog and the other a gentleman, both with friendly smiles and a cheerful “hello.” Later we visited a nice consignment shop, Main Street Consignment Boutique, and guess who we saw? The friendly gentleman! My husband asked him if he was the official greeter and he said with a smile “one could say that.” The owner of the shop, Pauletta King, introduced us to Charles Humphreys which turns out to be your director of Main Street Point Plesant. The purpose of this background story is to convey what an excellent job your director of main street, Mr. Humphreys, has done. We would also like to mention how helpful Ms. King was in calling around to various RV/Campgrounds to locate friends of ours from Brooksville Church of Christ, Brooksville, Fla. staying in your area. A huge thank you goes out to her. We feel truly blessed to have met such a wonderful lady. Point Pleasant, because of these two great examples, Ms.King and Mr. Humphreys, your town has made a positive impression on us. Grateful for the experience.

Ernie and Brenda Burns

St. Inverness, Fla.

Outsiders looking in