Talking local politics

Talking local politics

Dear Editor,

I’ve had the privilege of working with Mayor Donna Dennis for a couple of years now and the word that I hear most from those that truly know her is “Impressive!” Mayor Dennis is also known for being knowledgeable, caring, and deeply dedicated. Citizens find her genuine and know that she cares about making the Town of Mason the best possible place to live.

Mayor Dennis is “down-to-earth” and one of the most personable and dynamic people I’ve ever met. Yet Mayor Dennis’ depth and breadth of expertise in accomplishing the job of mayor is nothing short of extraordinary! While being one of the youngest mayors in the history of the town, Mayor Dennis’ vision for the town is to have a place to live that she enjoyed as a child and to bring back the traditions that made Mason a place people are proud to live in.

Professional, polished, and versatile, Mayor Dennis is a “people-oriented” leader, she employs a rare blend of insight, tact and firm direction to elicit maximum effort from all. She has made a significant positive impact on the town as can be attested to through her many accomplishments and my personal conversations with those that have worked or interacted with her.

Whether it’s the complicated water/wastewater projects, bringing back the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, planning and carrying out holiday events, reviewing and purchasing new insurance for town and employees, assisting with the library reading park, planning and carrying out children’s events, working on the park renovation, upgrading the senior citizens building, ensuring town safety and security through the proper vetting or the town’s police force, ensuring and establishing town Improvements, Mayor Dennis’ involvement guarantees success.

Not one to rest of her laurels, Mayor Dennis ensured that the Pomeroy-Mason Bridge “Honor Lights” were addressed even though it was not in her purview of responsibility but was very important to the town and the surrounding area.

I invite all citizens of the Town of Mason to speak with the Mayor Dennis personally and find out for yourself how fortunate you are to have her for your Mayor. I also invite the citizens to turn out in support of her in the upcoming election as I will.

Robert E. Wing


Talking local politics