Theft of flags no badge of honor

Theft of flags no badge of honor

Dear Editor,

As a member of the Drew Webster American Legion Post of Pomeroy is it appalling to hear of the theft of the American flag and the flags of our armed forces on three occasions since Memorial Day at the Bridge of Honor flag poles.

Prior to Memorial Day the American Legion Veterans of Foreign Wars and civic groups placed many hundreds of flags on the graves of veterans who have honorably served our country with some making the ultimate sacrifice of their lives serving our country, protecting our freedoms and our great way of life.

I consider it an honor to place these flags in various cemeteries in Meigs County and also to serve in the honor guard to honor and show respect for a fallen comrade at funeral homes and cemeteries.

It is such a dishonor for an individual to steal these flags and an insult to all red blooded patriotic Americans who served in the armed forces or who are presently serving.

These flag poles were placed at the bridge in honor of our country and our branches of the military service by Marshall Aanastead of the Karr family as a project for his Eagle Scout badge. A lot of thought and work went in to making this a reality. This was a job really well done. Once in place, the flags were placed under control of our legion post to maintain and replace the flags as needed. A flag fund was established to provide these services from donations or proceeds from a 50/50 drawing at the post, once again the veterans stand tall to help.

For these flags to be stolen is really hard to comprehend. This a far cry from pulling a prank on a school by stealing a mascot or school banner.

If someone needs a flag so badly, please contact a Legion member or a VFW member. We will gladly help out.

Please do not disrespect America in this way. Celebrate America.

Commander John Hood

Adjutant Wallace Hatfield and all member of American Legion Post 39

Theft of flags no badge of honor