Dear Editor

Déjà vu all over again

I recently read an article in the Point Pleasant Register written by 14th Delegate Jim Butler. In the article Delegate Butler stated that he appreciated criticism of his votes on issues that came before the WV House of Representatives.

The reason Mr. Butler appreciated the criticism, it gave him a forum to explain his votes. As a voter in the 14thDistrict I would appreciate Del. Butler reasoning for supporting the following issues: making WV a Right to Work state. (Work for Less); Eliminating the State Prevailing Wage; spent time on a Raw Milk Sales bill, and on the Transgender Bathroom issues. Time spent on the above controversial topics, left no time for the issues of Teacher Pay Increases; Teacher Retirement Funding; P.E.I.A; Insurances Stability; Infrastructure Spending, in effect budget issues.

Since the budget issue was not resolved in the regular session the legislature was called into an extended special session $35,000 a day or $600,000 total cost for the special session..

Did the ALT-RIGHT, T.E.A. Party, Koch Brothers wing of Del. Butler’s party learn anything from last year’s legislative fiasco? Apparently not, it’s déjà vu over again. You can’t balance the state budget by raiding the rainy day fund, this lowers the state’s credit rating.

You can’t pass Right to Work laws and eliminate the state prevailing wage, and pretend to support the middle class, because the above legislation is very detrimental to unions and construction workers. Unions and construction workers are the middle class. With the decline in unions you have seen a decline in the middle class.

Elect politician’s who support the middle class, not the right wing of Del. Jim Butlers party.


Floyd R. Sayre

Point Pleasant

Déjà vu all over again