Reader feels ‘can’t go home again’

Dear Editor,

This is a mixed bag of opinions. First, had a really sincere, best-ever 50th class reunion (PPHS Class of ‘66). Time flies, memories are forever, as are friends, even though they have not been seen in decades.

It is depressing to drive through the town I grew up in and witness its deterioration. Neighborhoods where I grew up are run down (I will never go to my former home again). I am irritated that elected officials of the town since my graduation have allowed Point Pleasant to physically degrade to its current state.

I stayed in Gallia, drove through the town and it like night and day. Gallipolis looks clean and feels, at least on its face, prosperous and on top of its economy. It has nothing to do with Chief Cornstalk and the “curse.” It has everything to do with elected officials reaching outside their own sandbox.

I really missed the Point Pleasant in which I grew up. I have no doubt the Mothman Festival generates money for the local merchants and that is great, but it is one day. Where are your revenues, plans to upgrade and improve the city for the rest of the year?

Gary Marnhout

Louisville, Ky.