Aliens not yet available for Earth invasion

By Ron Branch - Pastor

I saw something funny on the Internet this week that captured my attention. The major headline report was that astrophysicists from Oxford and Harvard are explaining why aliens from other areas of the universe are not yet visiting or mounting an attack on planet earth.

Maybe you saw this report, too.

It is not because aliens from other planets are having compassion on us of Planet Earth, and are purposely staying away. It is not because they do not know we are here. It is not because they do not have the technology to get here. It is not because they have an inherent disdain for us of the human kind.

These astrophysicists say it is because aliens from other parts of the universe have not been born yet.

Is that good news or what?

To make matters more intriguing, the astrophysicists say these aliens will not be born for another billion years or so. Goodness, knowing that keeps me from breaking out in a cold sweat. I feel safer after being told that. I figure I will not live that long, anyway.

The reason aliens have not been born yet, according to these astrophysicists, is due to the ineffectiveness of large stars, or suns, which do not last long enough to provide time for life to evolve on other planets. The larger stars burn out too quickly. It is the smaller, longer-lasting stars that provide the time and conditions for life to evolve. Other than our sun, perhaps, where do they postulate such an alien-birthing scenario taking place in the universe?

What I think is that people who go to great lengths to try to explain such things under the guise of such sophisticated speculation absolutely have nothing else to figure out. On the other hand, what I believe is actually more believable.

First, I believe in a Book that sets the record straight with enough information for me about the earth and the universe. The Bible record starts with a sufficient but awesome statement, “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” I, oh, most certainly, believe that God is the Creator. That in itself answers a lot of questions.

Second, I have a faith based upon the surety of the Bible record. The Writer of the Book of Hebrews gives sure information, “Through faith, we understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” That eliminates a lot of questions.

Third, I believe the Bible record that Man is the special creation of God by His own hands in His own image, which, in my mind, eliminates questions about any alien existence at any point in the present or the future. In contrast, those astrophysicists believe that “Humans are bizarre exceptions that have formed billions of years prematurely.” You have to shake your head at that presumption. God is not bound by time, but when He created Man — and everything else — He did what He did on time in accordance to His will in His way. He was not premature.

If they think it is crazy that I believe in God, I think it is crazier what they believe.

But, it is not a grave concern of mine the scientific-type questions from where we came, or how long ago it happened. The main concern each of us should have is where each of us will go going spiritually. People are too concerned about thinking that knowing our origins affects our future. The most important thing that affects our future is the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, and our acceptance of the spiritual effectiveness of what He did to save our souls from eternity in hell. Existence in eternity is our future. Christ did what He did to give us a Heavenly alternative.

In the meantime, if aliens are not available to invade Planet Earth right now, that is good. It makes for something less to think about. Too much going on here.

Besides, what it is that these astrophysicists know about Roswell that the alien-invader believers think they know? Or, the UFO believers?

By Ron Branch


The Rev. Ron Branch is pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Mason, W.Va.

The Rev. Ron Branch is pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Mason, W.Va.