Mason County residents already pay enough taxes

Dear Editor,

I recently read that the Mason County Commission has voted to place an operating levy on the November ballot to assist in funding Mason County Emergency Medical Services. They said there is no current levy in Mason County.

The wireless 911 surcharge in Mason County West Virginia is $3 per phone per month. West Virginia has the highest 911 surcharge in the entire United States. Michigan is up to $3. Illinois, up to $2.50. All other state are less than $1.50. I’m not sure about how this charge is divvied up, but my guess is that EMS gets their fair share.

The 911 phone charge is not a levy, we have no say in it, we are just charged for it. Whose idea was that? But we do have a say in this levy. Are our tax’s not high enough already? Five cents per $100 does not seem like much, but add it to all the other little tax levies and they soon seem like — and are — a lot.

I for one will vote against this and any more tax levies put on the ballot.

Keith R. Shirley