Reader asks ‘What about Mikie?’

Dear Editor,

To West Virginia Sports Writers — as Wahama High School sports fans, we take a lot of pride in our athletic teams. As all communities do! But, what are we doing wrong? Are we not getting the word out to the sports writers statewide about what is taking place in Wahama sports?

We had a sophomore superstar on the mound this year in “One” Mikie Lieving, who pitched the White Falcons to a perfect 27-0 and the single “A” WV State Championship. It was reported inaccurately as 23-0 in the All State write-up. What is more remarkable is that she pitched every inning of those 27 wins. (Talk about putting a team on your back).

This young phenom, honor roll student, should have been named “captain” of the single “A” All State team. Hands down, no question about it in my mind or the minds of the White Falcon faithful.

Here are Lieving’s stats:

Pitched 27 complete games (27 wins, no losses);

Batted .585;

Runs scored 47;

Stolen bases 16;

Allowed one earned, one unearned run in 12 LKC games.

Are we not getting the world out?

Lieving was honored by the LKC as girl’s softball player of the year.

I’m confused about what it takes to become an All State player? More precisely, who votes for these players? Is it sports writers only? Coaches? Who has a vote in the mix?

Did she not obtain the status of “Captain” because this is Wahama’s first appearance in the state tournament? This should not be a STRIKE against an individual who, in her sophomore year, had an incredible year. Has any pitcher in girl’s softball in West Virginia, ever performed at the level that Mikie Lieving did in 2021? Please tell me who they were! 27-0, 27 complete games.

In my opinion, the sports writers missed the CALL on this one, not only did her performance this year earn her “Captain” of the Class A team but Gatorade Player of the Year.

What are we doing wrong?

(Reader’s note: The local newspaper’s Alex Hawley and Bryan Walters, also local radio stations with play-by-play by Rick Ash, Dave Harris and Mary Grace did an outstanding job covering the WHS Falcons.)

Steve Halstead, WHS alumnus and fan,