One reader’s take on ‘Political Kryptonite’

Dear Editor,

As a lifelong West Virginia democratic voter, I am very concerned about the decline of the democratic support at the state and local level.

I have heard many reasons for the decline, some want to blame the state democratic leadership. I DO NOT. The state democratic party is a franchise of the National Democratic Party and as such must adhere to National Party mandates or lose their charter.

While I support the vast majority of the National Party’s platform I realize that some of the planks in that platform may be morally, ethically socially correct, but serve as political kryptonite (suicide) for the State Democratic political candidates. The southern counties where coal accounts for 7 out of every 10 jobs where democratic registration was 3 to 1 democratic. They were the brightest of blue now they are the brightest of red.

Did these democratic voters wake up and say “I am going to leave the Democratic Party”, or did they wake up and say “The democratic party has left me.”

Remember, Hillary Clinton came to West Virginia and said, “When I am elected a lot of coal companies will go bankrupt and a lot of coal miners will be unemployed”. President Bill Clinton passed NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement). This act cost thousands of jobs in the rustbelt states, including West Virginia.

There is a big push in the democratic party for more diversity, a bigger tent, I support this push. However, there is not enough diverse people in the state to make up for the traditional democrats that have jumped ship. I will conclude by quoting that comic strip character Pogo. “We have identified the enemy and he is us.”

Floyd R. Sayre

Point Pleasant