Delegate vouches for Ihle in District 13

Few words can truly describe the impeccable character of my close friend, Delegate Michael Ihle.

Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of serving with Ihle in the House of Delegates. During this time, my respect for him has grown immensely. I sincerely admire this man of principle. Citizens of District 13 should be proud, because he represents them with courage and integrity.

Ihle is reserved in his personal life. True to his Christian faith, he has genuine humility and neither brags nor boasts. At home, he quietly serves his fellow man and holds deep compassion and love for his community. However, in his public service, his voice is persuasively loud, brave and articulate.

One of the most consistent individuals in Charleston, he regularly pushes back against forces of ever-increasing government power, which erode our rights to life and property. This trend of government control has unfortunately become popular. Michael Ihle stands strongly against those politicians who would simply do what is popular, as what is popular is often what is wrong.

Michael Ihle stands on principle. As a leader, he is making a huge difference to stop tax increases. He has fought for local control in education and to protect the First and Second Amendments. A leading advocate of Religious Freedom and the Right to Bear Arms, he never wavered in his dedication towards many issues designed to strengthen and protect these fundamental American principles.

I’m honored to call Michael Ihle my friend. The most reliable individual in Charleston, when Michael gives you his word, he keeps it. Such leadership is rare; this is why he stands high above the rest at our Capitol.

Delegate Pat McGeehan

1st District, W.Va.