Reader asks, ‘What is happening?’

Dear Editor,

Which worries you most, Mr. Potato Head, Aunt Jemima syrup and Land O Lakes butter, or young men and women comparing notes about their latest one-night stand on Facebook or Twitter or prime time TV? Did you burn your childhood Dr. Seuss books while your children watch men and women sleep with their boyfriend or girlfriend or both, on prime-time TV?

Are you most concerned about the destruction of 150-year-old statues and monuments of American heroes who were so dedicated to their belief in freedom that many left friends, family, everything, and died for it? Or are you worried about the men and women who are so undecided that they can’t decide which sex they want to be identified by this week?

Do you teach your children how to safely use and respect guns at an early age or do buy them every violent computer game as soon as it comes out, and tell them we need to take away our Second Amendment? Did it bother you more that during the virus you could not attend church, attend your family funerals, visit your friends and family in nursing homes or hospitals as they lay dying, but you could “peacefully” loot, burn and destroy public and private property for weeks, while the police were ordered to stay away.

Which offends you most, the singing of our National Anthem at the beginning or the halftime show singers shaking and gyrating their near nude bodies while using lewd and vulgar language at nationally televised sports events?

Does it bother you that you can’t have prayer in your local school, and your tax dollars pay for third trimester abortions? Or are you so happy that your daughter was able to attend Boy Scout camp so soon after her abortion, that you can’t wait to tell your latest live in?

Keith R. Shirley