Reader/teacher is thankful for open communication

Dear Editor,

There are so many problems with communication and protocol between schools and their county boards, between them and the state, and then our Governor has ideas. How could anyone make sense of this?

It’s tough. But let me tell you something – I’ve never been more proud to be in Mason County.

For years, education friends I had in other counties would cringe when I said I was teaching in Mason County. Some even giggled. Beyond this being rude, I honestly didn’t understand. Then I heard the interjections, “Well this county does this and that county pays that…” Um. Ok.

But does your county have board members you can text or do Facebook messenger with and they’ll answer you honestly? Does your county have a superintendent you can email directly and get a direct response THAT DAY? Does your board of education care about you as a school personnel worker? Do they support you and praise you, without making it for appearances?

Mason County Board Members are only a text away. Not, I text them and never hear anything; rather, I text them and they respond with either a definitive answer, or let me know they are looking for the answer. And then? They still get back to me. The Mason County Superintendent has personally answered multiple questions I’ve had about COVID vaccines – just things I send him – with no qualm whatsoever.

So ask yourself: Would you feel OK texting/emailing your board members or superintendent? If you can’t resolvedly say YES then I feel so bad for you. You don’t know how it should be, and more importantly, you need a change in your county administration.

For my part, I’m thankful every day for our board and our superintendent. They stay honest, communicate openly, and truly care about our kids, their families, and Mason County Schools staff. Thank you, Mason County Schools!

Brianne Solomon

(Editor’s Note: Solomon is the Fine Art Department Chair and Site Coordinator for GEAR UP at Hannan Jr. Sr. High School. She is completing her 13th year as a Hannan Wildcat.)