Reader discusses historic ‘cause and effect’

Dear Editor,

There seems to be an idea that we can change or delete history by omitting references to certain events or, as in recent times, by removing the evidence of their existence (monuments, statues, building names) from the public eye. Such purging has occurred in other eras and countries and cultures, so I suppose it is successful to a certain extent, but I prefer to think that what really happens in a society is made a matter of record and truth by some faithful scribe or reporter so that people of the future can be honestly informed about those matters.

Writers of history, therefore, provide us with a valuable service. They continue to teach us what an American History teacher of mine once called the results of “cause and effect.” This thing happened, and so that other thing happened. Take heed. I think most of us know that we either learn from our past mistakes or wake up to find history repeating itself.

Chris Rizer, president of the Mason County Historical and Preservation Society, has served us well in his role as a writer of history. I have enjoyed reading all of his articles in the Point Pleasant Register and I can appreciate the amount of time he spends on researching his topics. As a local history buff, I would consider buying his collection of historical essays should he ever consider having them published.

April Pyles

Gallipolis Ferry