Reader remembers the good, the bad

Dear Editor,

I’d like to respond to the July 4 “Mason County Memories,” (column) written by Chris Rizer. It was an interesting article with good points. The thing that bothers me: are we going to remove all statues, historical signs, monuments that offend us? There is good and bad in history. Are you for removing General John McCauslands’s road sign in Pliny? Are you wanting to remove the Point Pleasant Monument? Remember, there was a battle between Colonist troops and Native Americans, who really got the short end of the stick by our government.

Would you like the U.S. Government to change the name of certain military bases: Fort Lee, Va.; Fort Hood, Texas; Camp Pickett, Va.; Fort A.P. Hill? All Confederate Generals.

I’m not defending slavery, but people like McCausland, Jackson, Lee, Hood and he numerous others on both sides should be remembered.

I’ll sum it up with this: IF there was a book about Chris Rizer, a book about Gen. McCausland, a book about Stonewall Jackson and I had money for two books, which two books do you think I will buy? I read history, you write about history, they were history!

Now, If you’re upset by all the honors bestowed on Stonewall Jackson, I would take a look at one Senator R.C. Byrd. There’s a river lock, schools, roads, medical facilities, statues, federal facilities. It’s rather breathtaking! Who knows, maybe some of your kin voted for him. Oh, by the way, he was in the Ku Klux Klan in his younger years.

Hey, keep writing! I do enjoy your articles. The write up about Jim Crow was interesting.

Lowell W. Rogers

New Haven

(Editor’s note: As reported by multiple media outlets, the late Sen. Byrd did repeateadly denounced his time in the Ku Klux Klan.)