Letter to the Editor: Food for thought after the tragedy

Dear Editor,

Food for thought after the tragedy that occurred at Roane County High School.

It should be well known that only high school football is required to have an athletic trainer on site. In many cases, only a “football limited trainer” is onsite for that. Some cases not even an ambulance is not present.

This leaves every other junior high and high school sport without proper coverage. This obviously puts those student athletes at risk. Soccer, wrestling, basketball, and every other sport plays on without a required and qualified health care professional onsite for games.

Imagine if a female soccer player experienced a cardiac event or a severe head injury during a game. Do you think that they have a better chance of survival without an Athletic Trainer on site?

We’re putting our kids at major risk by not affording them proper health care. When will West Virginia take these risks serious and require an Athletic Trainer for every sport and every student athlete regardless if they are male or female?

Gabe Roush, ATC

Pleasant Valley Hospital

Point Pleasant