The ‘shock’ treatment

By Letha Jones - Contributing columnist

Have you ever filled up your swimming pool, waiting in anticipation for it to slowly rise in water levels. Hours pass and finally it has reached the top line marker. You turn the hose off and pull it out of the coolness. You then proceed to the next step in preparing it for your entrance. You can almost imagine how it’s coolness will feel against your hot skin on high humidity days. You tear open the shock treatment and begin to add it slowly and directly to the water. As the particles touch the water, the flow from the filtration system sends them rushing out into it as if each one is running its own marathon race. The water itself presents a slight cloudiness as it mixes well within it each drop of chlorine. Suddenly you notice a brown haze forming, a murkiness peering up from the bottom of the pool. It begins to roll upwards toward you at an alarming speed. Within minutes the brown murk takes over and you can no longer see anything but its dinginess and heaviness. What has happened to your crystal clear waters? No longer are they sending out such a warm invitation to swim. The once perfect water is now the color of heavily brewed tea. You had no idea that the water you used to fill your pool was hiding within it metals. The shock treatment you gave it created oxidation and allowed all that was unseen to now be seen.

How can we relate this situation to our own life or to those around us? How many times have we believed ourselves to know someone or know the situation to find out that there were hidden metals waiting to show themselves? Or better yet how many of us have within ourselves hidden molecules? Parts and pieces waiting to be seen. I would say many of us have this very problem. Just what are these bits of residue that threaten to stain our waters? To cloud our future or taint that which we wish to have new? Many times those metals are the untreated remains of the past. Debris left from years ago that went untreated. They have laid dormant within us, not recognizable to the human eye. The damage that these tiny little molecular structures can cause is vastly seen when situations arise that stir them. This is why it is so important for us to know what is in our pools.

You know those little test strips that you can by for $9.99 at the local store. You simply slide it into the water wait 15 minutes and read it. It will show you if your water is ready for any type of a change. How many of us fail to do this? We simple add on the extras of life not preparing for the outcome.

What do we have in our waters ready to be released that we have not treated yet? Pain, sorrow, anger, distrust? Did you know all of these things if left untreated will tarnish your waters? They too will oxidize and be distributed, clouding our views and restricting us from achieving our desired goals. They may even deter new relationships as who wants to swim in brown, clouded waters?

Wouldn’t that be an awesome tool to have in our own life? If we too could have a test strip? Something that spelled it all out for us and what we need to do to resolve it before it’s too late.

Believe me when I tell you, you have those strips available to you.

We see it happen everyday. People of all ages and walks of life, strolling around with metals waiting for to be triggered. Do not let this happen. Set down and take a moment each day to reflect on your life. Write down each unresolved issue and start working toward resolutions – what goes untreated stays untreated! Repeat – what goes untreated stays untreated. Untreated waters lead too troubled waters, but there is hope. Just remember to know what is in your water before you add any shock.

By Letha Jones

Contributing columnist

Letha Jones is a certified Life Coach who can be reached at 304-266-1185 or at

Letha Jones is a certified Life Coach who can be reached at 304-266-1185 or at