Letter to the Editor: Who or what is ALEC?

Dear Editor,

A.L.E.C. is an acronym for American Legislative Exchange Council.

This group is a political action committee that is extremely well funded by millionaires, billionaires and some of the largest corporations in the world. They have meetings and invite all members, some membership dues are small, so their financial wealth does not come from dues, but from rich donors.

Their executive sessions, I’ve read, are only for the select few and are well guarded – no news media or reporters in these meetings.

Their legislative agenda or wish list is laid out, then their attorneys write up “cookie cutter” legislative bills that are given to their representatives in various states.

West Virginia Senate Education Committee Chairwoman Patricia Rucker is listed as a board member of A.L.E.C.’s board of directors, which includes a team of “state legislative leaders from across the country,” according to its website. I’ve read numerous other members of the House and Senate in West Virginia are members and receive financial support from A.L.E.C. or corporations that support A.L.E.C.

What is A.L.E.C.’s legislative agenda? In my opinion, some of that agenda is as follows:

1. Privatization of the Public School System (charter schools)

2. Education Accounts (benefits wealthy)

3. No Prevailing Wage (Accomplished)

4. Right To Work (for less) (Accomplished)

5. No Greenhouse Gas Legislation

6. No Clean Water Rules

7. No Medicare Negotiations with drug companies for lower drug costs.

8. Lower Minimum Wage

Surprising how much of their agenda has been introduced or passed in the last few legislative sessions. One might wonder if our legislators are serving the voters of West Virginia or an out of state political action P.A.C.?

I was disappointed and surprised that the democratic party leadership has not done more to get A.L.E.C. out of the shade and into the light of reality. However, after “Googling” A.L.E.C. and seeing who some of their West Virginia members were, I was still disappointed; but less surprised.

Floyd R. Sayre

Point Pleasant