Butler: ‘Opportunities to attract jobs for West Virginians’

Following decades of policies that have unfairly punished and driven job creators from West Virginia, I am happy to report that we are working hard to open the door of opportunity for you and your children.

Yesterday I was informed that, as a result of legislation that I helped pass, the American Tort Reform Association has removed the national designation of “judicial hellhole” from our state. For decades this had identified us, to the nation and the world, as an unfair state in which to live and do business. Improving our standing in this manner is an important step in attracting job creating businesses to Mason and Putnam Counties, as well as West Virginia in general. As a bonus some of these reforms also protect individual property owners from lawsuits brought by trespassers, and individual insurance rates have already begun to drop for some West Virginians.

The 2016 session of the West Virginia Legislature begins on Jan. 13, 2016 and we face serious challenges; largely as a result of the loss of coal production and coal related jobs our state is experiencing revenue shortfalls. We are working to advance policies to save our existing jobs, and also attract new and better ones. With your help we will continue to make necessary changes to meet our obligations and improve the lives of West Virginians.

I greatly appreciate your support and your prayers as we prepare for 2016. Thank you and Merry Christmas.


Delegate Jim Butler (R-14th)