Reader supports candidate for House of Delegates

Reader supports candidate for House of Delegates

Dear Editor,

Brianne Solomon, candidate for the West Virginia House of Delegates, 14th District, is a well liked and respected teacher at Hannan Junior/Senior High School. Meeting Brianne and her family has led to my respect and admiration for her. Let’s consider her goals for the citizens of WV.

Brianne calls for investing more in education by creating training programs for students who don’t plan to attend college. There are many good paying jobs waiting to be filled by competent, skilled workers.

Healthcare is another priority. Brianne favors restoring seniors’ in-home health care funding and making PEIA solvent again.

She strongly opposes legislation that forces landowners to sell their property or mineral rights without their consent.

Removing the state tax on Social Security is another priority. This will help West Virginia’s seniors who live on a fixed income.

Brianne will fight to end corruption by strengthening laws for public officials who misuse taxpayer dollars.

As a wife, working mother, public schoolteacher and great-granddaughter of a Baptist preacher, Brianne knows the value of faith and family in our lives. She understands the important contributions of our hard working citizens, and will always take their needs into consideration if elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates.

I urge you to vote for Brianne Solomon for the 14th District of the WV House of Delegates. She’s working for working families.

Molly Park of Point Pleasant, retired teacher and working mother.

Reader supports candidate for House of Delegates