Anyone polling God?

By Pastor Ron Branch



Many are gauging opinions through a multitude of opinion polls these days. Opinion polls drive politics. Opinion polls drive manufacturing. Opinion polls drive TV.

We all seem gratified to have opportunity to stand on the soapboxes of our personal opinions. We eagerly speak out loud about politicians, products, or programs. And, our opinions are highly sought after by those who regard opinions as an effective means through which to sift the pertinent or purposeless, likes or dislikes, the good or the bad.

Personal opinions are reflective of societal attitudes, and, as long as people inhabit the earth, we will optimize the expression of personal opinion. We will revel in the perception that our personal opinion makes a critical difference in life.

However, the only problem with personal opinion is how it affects the moral fabric of our nation. On thorny moral issues, personal opinion is often preferred without consideration of truth, fact, or consequence. Personal opinion goes a long way in distorting what correctness is, or legalizing vices and various practices of corruption.

So, we are polled. We are polled about abortion. We are polled about what constitutes marriage. We are polled about the practice of recognizing sodomy and permitting pornography. We are polled about legalizing gambling and legalizing marijuana.

But, here is where we cut to the core, for on moral issues, we should ask, “Is anyone polling God? Are we trying to find out what His opinion is concerning moral issues? Are we willing to give credence to what He thinks?”

Does God have an opinion concerning the moral issues of life? Absolutely! How do we know what God’s opinion is concerning the moral issues of life? His opinion is clearly stated in the Bible.

To say that God has an opinion is just a way to say that God has revealed what His mind is on the critical issues of life. His expressed will is clear. He has not changed His mind, neither will He ever change His mindset, because He is the Truth, He knows the facts, and is aware of consequences that affects human life for good or bad.

In due course, it is important that people associated with the Church be yielded to the opinion of God. But, it is at this point that there is a considerable problem, for people associated with the Church are opting more and more to believe personal opinion rather than divine opinion. The people associated with the Church are more in the compromising mode concerning the will of God. They are conforming more to a worldly, politically correct influence rather than affirming holy principles.

Admittedly, it is understandable that those outside of the Church have personal opinions that deviate from the Word of God. But, it is incredulous that people associated with the Church do the same.

Has it not occurred to you that the truest display of concern for humanity is revealed in God’s opinion? That the most sincere exercise of compassion is revealed in God’s opinion? That the greatest good for mankind is revealed in God’s opinion? That the richest blessings for our nation are revealed in God’s opinion?

Then, why is it that people associated with the Church allow themselves to be swept off the standards of God’s Word, and not act as a singular voice which declares what God says?

The Scripture says, “There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” A personal opinion on any moral issue may seem as a right way. But, if it is not God’s prescribed way, it is the wrong way.

If you are associated with the Church, it is important that you give serious consideration to what God says about moral matters. “Thus saith the Lord,” which is so often phrased in the Bible, should garner the spiritual attention. After all, God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and His ways better than our ways.

A personal opinion not guided by God’s opinion may appear as a dreamy, but it will always turn into a nightmare.

In the mean time, we come full circle: anyone polling God?


By Pastor Ron Branch

Pastor Ron Branch lives in Mason County and is pastor of Hope Baptist Church, Middleport, Ohio.

Pastor Ron Branch lives in Mason County and is pastor of Hope Baptist Church, Middleport, Ohio.