Reader followed the laws to citizenship

Reader followed the laws to citizenship

Dear Editor,

As a former immigrant and now a legal citizen of the United States, I am reacting to contributing columnist Jerry Turner’s article published on July 4, 2018 and also Nellie Ruby Taylor’s letter published on June 24, 2018, both in the Sunday Times Sentinel.

Turner is highly critical of current immigration policy and sides with the illegals in our country and Taylor points out in great detail the actions and practices of those who disregard and disrespect our constitution and laws.

After extensive preparations to qualify for and pass rigorous tests, I proudly earned the right to be sworn in as an American citizen. These exams included language, history, culture, politics, and ethics of our great nation. Prior to the tests, when I initially moved to the United States, I was required to be in constant contact with immigration authorities and confirm my address and intentions to them on a frequent basis.

I have many German-born and Mexican-born friends scattered throughout the country, states including California, Florida, New Jersey, Ohio and West Virginia, who went through the same requirements. One of my German-born friends, who has lived in Columbus, Ohio for 50+ years, was married to a Columbus, Ohio native (now deceased). Together they had four children, all US citizens by law. After two attempts, she did not pass the citizenship tests and keeps legal status by having a green card, which periodically entails considerable expense and paperwork. To this day, even being a legal citizen of the US, no airline will even sell me a reservation for overseas travel unless my passport is valid 6 months beyond my planned travel dates. All of my German-born and Mexican-born friends respect these laws and security measures; none of us have ever complained or criticized these regulations.

In contrast, people inside and outside the United States are now yelling, picketing, protesting, (fling lawsuits, etc. against these laws with a repeated message of injustice and human hardship. Parents who willfully and arbitrarily put children’s safety and security in danger by trying to circumvent the legal immigration process are using their innocent children as means to an end; one must question the integrity of such parent(s) and whether we should extend citizenship to people willing to put their own flesh and blood (children) in this situation. The generous and big-hearted nature of Americans should not be swayed by these illegal actions, there are numerous legal ports of entry for legitimate asylum seekers and people who wish to enter the country because of persecution in their homeland and fear for their lives. Circumventing the law is a slap in the face to people who went through the immigration process legally and sets a negative precedent for future immigration policy.

How is such mass-hysteria perceived and possible?

Ilse Burris

Leon, W.Va.

Reader followed the laws to citizenship