August Veterans of the Month

August Veterans of the Month

Little things make for a knowledge that can save your life help you to live a more fruitful life and along the way help others.

Johnny Howard Ivan Lee Hurt Jr. and Arius Hurt, all of the United States Army, can attest to that.

They would not let a medical discharge from the Army or having to live mostly in a wheelchair or having a medical setback and conditions that would cause seeking medical convenient facilities to live in keep them from being productive. They understood we must work (as volunteer or work) to pay into the entities that pay our nation’s bills and maintain their personal households, even if it means working with mental stress and pain and not being in the mainstream of the regular workforce.

You can see them providing flags for the American church people or facilities; raising a garden for the families and sharing that garden with neighbors; being happy, spreading good cheer and joy working around and with community churches. When you see the flag flying that represents you the Republic for which it stands so smile thank God for your health and blessings of liberty and thank Johnny Howard United States Army, Ivan Lee Hurt Jr. United States Army, Arius Hurt the United States Army. Thank them and let them know you understand and care.

Yes, those who serve and protect our nation are aware of others who do the same. You can see officer Waldron and officer Clary, City police officers and the Gallia County Sheriff and deputies busy serving and protecting us.

Johnny Howard , Ivan Lee Hurt Jr., Arius Hurt will receive a plaque from the American people and their names will be submitted to the Jim Marshall Veteran of the Year award supported by the University of Rio Grande for the month of August. To nominate a veteran please call 216-815-5511.

Nellie Ruby Taylor

Gallipolis, Ohio

August Veterans of the Month