Letter to the Editor: Meet the voter

Meet the voter

Dear Editor,

I’ve been observing the political atmosphere more lately than I have ever in the past both on the state level and national level. I have never been so upset with both sides of the fence in my life. It seems lately that both parties are acting like they were in grade school again.

They seem to be confused as to why they are elected and what the majority of people in this country need or want. It’s time to stop pointing fingers and have a team meeting and take care of the many problems we have facing the country and state. It should not be a democrat or republican thing, it should be an American thing. I am so tired hearing repeal/ replace. How about working together and IMPROVE, Modify, or ADJUST.

I ran for office in the last election and observed a few things. Meet the Candidate meetings are not really meet the candidate meetings. It is more like meet the family of the candidates who attend these things. Very few voters attend and listen to the actual candidates.

I gave a speech at the Republican dinner and praised a few of the candidates there. I don’t choose a person by which party they are, I choose by what I feel their intentions are. I mentioned how during this election all the judicial system had been changed to non-partisan just like the board of education. I said, “what a novel idea, people making a decision based on what was right, not what their parties agenda was”. Three republicans came up to me after the meeting and said it was their bill?

Dave Morgan

Point Pleasant

Meet the voter