Time for fishing not over yet in W.Va.

Roger Wolfe - Outdoor Columnist

There is still time for some fishing.

Even as the leaves are flying and the smell of autumn is in the air, there is still some great fishing to be had in the Mountain State. The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler, but that doesn’t mean the fish stop biting.

Actually, it can often mean quite the contrary. Fall is a great time to get out and wet a line and possibly haul in the catch of the year, or perhaps the catch of a lifetime.

Fall is a time when many of us turn our attention to furry game and concentrate on filling our freezer with venison or even a mess or two of squirrels. Spending hours on end in a tree stand waiting on Mr. Big to show up can be rewarding, but so can spending a few choice hours on the water.

My wife and I recently spent a few days on the eastern side of the state at Pipestem Resort Park and we made a little time to do some fishing along the scenic Bluestone River. The fishing was good, but the fall colors and the scenery were truly breathtaking.

There is something special about being outdoors in the fall, whether you are fishing or chasing one of the state’s bigger game animals. The colors that adorn the mountain at every turn, the leaves floating on the breeze, or the crisp crunch of leaves underfoot all signal a bright and treasured time of year.

It also foretells of things to come with its cooler nights and chilly mornings. Winter isn’t far away. This can mean great things for hunters and anglers alike.

The quarry we seek see the signs, too, and even the fish take it as an urging to fatten up for the lean months to come. This means some heavy feeding, which is always a welcome thing for those fishermen who seek out the slippery swimmers.

I personally love fishing when the fish are eagerly biting. Not only does it make fishing a lot more action packed, but it is truly exciting when you never know what the next catch will bring.

Whether you are trying for some of the fall trout stocked in various waters around the state, smallies on the backyard streams and rivers, or if you are going after that big toothy musky on the bigger water, when fish are feeding it definitely sets the odds in your favor.

Unlike the dog days of summer with its stifling heat, the fall cool-down gets the fish a bit more active and searching for food to build up their reserve for the winter. It even starts to get us outdoors types out moving around as the evenings are cool and enjoyable to be out and about.

So take the opportunity to get out and catch one of the fall trout stockings that will take place the next week or so, or take a day off out of the tree stand or squirrel woods and get out and wet a line. Take the time to not only enjoy the fishing, but the weather and the blessings of fall in the air.

Fall is the favorite time of year for many folks, not just those with their sights set on killing a big buck or monster bruin. It won’t be long before the weather turns nasty and our time outside will be cut short.

So whether you grab your bow, your shotgun, or your trusty fishing pole, get out and enjoy this time of year.

Even if you don’t catch any fish, it sure beats shoveling snow.


Roger Wolfe

Outdoor Columnist

Roger Wolfe writes about the outdoors for Civitas newspapers in West Virginia.

Roger Wolfe writes about the outdoors for Civitas newspapers in West Virginia.