Holzer transitions to new electronic health record system

OHIO VALLEY — As of July 1, Holzer is now utilizing athenaOne®, an electronic health record system (EHR) that includes practice management and patient engagement services.

Holzer’s new platform is innovative, intuitive, and structured to respond more efficiently to change than past systems. The healthcare landscape is ever evolving and, after much consideration, an upgraded EHR system was determined the best option to continue advancing our services. This system will benefit both patients and staff.

“As technology in the medical industry continues to evolve, Holzer is proud to offer these advancements for our communities,” shared Michael Canady, MD, Chief Executive Officer, Holzer Health System. “Our organization will continue to provide excellent service, every time for our friends, family members, and loved ones who receive care at our facilities.”

The documentation process with athenaOne® is user friendly, which is beneficial for a patient’s diagnosis, treatment plan, and prescription order.

“Holzer’s new EHR system removes unnecessary processes, allowing providers and clinical team members more quality time with patients and visitors,” stated Rodney Stout, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Holzer Health System. “We are excited to move forward with this development that will enhance our patients’ and visitors’ experience within our health system.”

Holzer employees interacting with the EHR received comprehensive training to enhance operations and meet our patients’ needs. Our providers and staff are prepared for the EHR transition and ready to assist patients that visit any Holzer facility throughout this process.

To better meet our community’s health needs, our health system offers MyHolzer.com, a patient portal available to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, send a note to your physician, and much more. With the new EHR system implementation, current and new portal members must create a patient account at myholzer.com. We encourage you to utilize our secure patient portal for upcoming appointments and requests, as well as to view your personal patient information. To create your account, visit www.myholzer.com to begin the registration process.

Holzer Health System is proud to continue growth of our services for our communities, and looks forward to a bright future. Our health system provides unparalleled access to leading technology, right here at home. With all our employees, providers and high-level services, the Holzer family’s mission to achieve patient-centered excellence will continue to thrive. For more information on services available within the Holzer system, visit www.holzer.org or call 1-855-4-HOLZER.

Submitted by Holzer Health System.