For the record

Mason County Clerk


The office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley reports the following death certificates which have recently been filed in her office. The following information will include the deceased’s name, age, place of death and date of death. (Note: The time frame for the filing of death certificates will vary): Ruth A. Sears, 62, Gallipolis Ferry, died 5/23/2016. Ruth L. Snodgrass, 73, West Columbia, died 7/20/2016. Emery R. Starling, 90, Point Pleasant, died 7/17/2016. Penny A. Swisher, 67, Point Pleasant, died 7/18/2016. Robin E. Blessing, 55, Huntington, died 6/27/2016. Curtis B. Bowling, 64, Hurricane, died 7/5/2016. Letha M. Long, 78, Huntington, died 7/9/2016. Julia M. Nicely, 79, Huntington, died 7/4/2016. Gregory A. Thompson, 55, Huntington, died 7/10/2016. Charles L. Baird, 89, Point Pleasant, died 7/22/2016. Carl M. Bentley, 59, Gallipolis Ferry, died 6/17/2016. Herbert Mahan, 80, Point Pleasant, died 7/25/2016. Betty J. Wamsley, 86, Point Pleasant, died 7/23/2016. Frances G. Williamson, 70, Southside, died 7/28/2016. Bonnie E. Barker, 68, Point Pleasant, died 7/30/2016. Guy R. Herdman, 86, Leon, died 6/24/2016. Dortha M. King, 89, Point Pleasant, died 8/4/2016. Richard A. Long, 60, Point Pleasant, died 5/8/2016. Lewis A. Allen, 90, Point Pleasant, died 8/5/2016. Delores J. Brown, 82, Point Pleasant, died 7/29/2016. Jerod M. Gatens, 32, Leon, died 7/18/2016. Avonelle Hitch, 82, Point Pleasant, died 8/9/2016. Judy L. Hoschar, 62, Point Pleasant, died 7/27/2016. Sidney G. Jones, 77, Point Pleasant, died 8/6/2016. Steven L. Oldaker, 52, Letart, died 7/25/2016. George Vaughn, 82, Point Pleasant, died 8/5/2016. Patricia A. Escue, 86, Fraziers Bottom, died 8/2/2016. Adalee M. Lynch, 78, Point Pleasant, died 8/12/2016. John J. Racer, 89, Apple Grove, died 8/18/2016.

Property deeds:

The following property deeds have recently been filed in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley (Note: Prices of real estate will be listed in sales involving public entities, municipalities, etc.): Pamela J. Roush to Jessica J. Gibbs, Waggener District. Philip D. Barnett to Johnny K. Stewart, Robinson District. Amanda M. Johnson, Alva E. Johnston to Brenda K. Jordan, Arbuckle District. Thelma G. Young to Pamela F. Langham, Lewis District. Byron M. Johnson, Mary E. Johnson to Amanda M. Johnson, Tyler S. Lucas, Point Pleasant. William M. Wood, Barbara J. Wood to Amy N. Sisson, William C. Wood, Shawn Detwiler, Point Pleasant. Harry C. Dunlap, Marsha D. Dunlap to Marsha D. Dunlap, Arbuckle District. Nanette L. Waybright to Jo Ann King, New Haven. Roger L. Schultz, Beverly S. Schultz, to Adam L. Schultz, Brent A. Schultz, Bradd A. Schultz, Point Pleasant. Steven H. Smith, to Steven H. Smith, Katherine Smith, Union District. City of Point Pleasant to McCausland Square, LLC, Point Pleasant, $17,000. Winter J. McDaniel to Kenneth Jones, Victoria Jones, Lewis District. Phyllis D. Hayden to Steven T. Nutter, Lori Nutter, Hartford. Donald E. Roach, Jr. to Gean E. Martin, Jennifer L. Tucker, Hartford. Timothy C. Mead to Wamsley Enterprises LLC, Town of Mason. Marc B. Lazenby, Junior L. Mattox, Robin R. Mattox to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Cooper Distict. Sandra J. Parsons FKA Sandra J. Arthur, Clifford Parsons to Elizabeth A. Arthur, Robinson District. Jeffrey A. Russell, Philip R. Werry, Edward J. Werry to Carl A. Cox, Terry L. Cox, Waggener District. Popcorn Properties LLC to John Christopher, LLC, Clendenin District. Barbara G. Derrick to Dyce Holdings LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Anita G. Evans, Morgan I. Evans, to John Hatfield, Clendenin District.