Mason County Sheriff’s Department

The Mason County Sheriff’s Department reports the following recent arrests: James C. Plants, 58, Point Pleasant, capias warrant, arrested by Deputy Stewart. Zachary T. Linger, 19, Leon, DUI, arrested by Deputy Waugh. Valerie A. Diamond, 37, Point Pleasant, fugitive from justice, arrested by Deputy M. Stewart. Charles L. Smith, Jr., 43, Point Pleasant, obstructing an officer, arrested by Deputy M. Stewart. Tiffany J. Whittington, 27, Apple Grove, arson fourth degree, arrested by Deputy M. Stewart. Arthur O. Powers, 76, Glenwood, obstructing an officer, arrested by Deputy Lee. Philip P. VanVranken, 49, Southside, failure to appear, arrested by Deputy Ferrell. Douglas T. Boe, 31, Rutland, Ohio, fugitive from justice, arrested by Deputy Cavender. Nathaniel F. Harbour, 34, Ashton, domestic battery, arrested by Deputy Cavender.

Point Pleasant Police Department

The Point Pleasant Police Department has released its latest list of outstanding, unpaid fines it says is owed to the department.

Those wishing to pay those fines and be removed from the list can do so by calling the PPPD at 304-675-1104 or stop in at the department during normal business hours.

Due to the length of the most recent list, partial installments have appeared in previous editions with with the final installment printed here, as compiled by PPPD staff:

Miranda A. Rickard, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Tyler C. Riddle, No Seatbelt, No Insurance; Jason C. Riffle, Driving Suspended, No Insurance, No MVI, Improper Registration; Larry S. Riffle, Public Intoxication; Seth Taylor Riffle, No Insurance, Expired Registration, Driving Suspended; Blaine E. Riggs Jr., Left of Center; Jeremy Allen Roach, No MVI, No Insurance; Logan R. Rocchi, No Operators, No Seatbelt; Heather Pauline Rogers, No Seatbelt, No MVI, No MVI, No Seatbelt; James R. Rollins, Suspended Operators; James A. Rose, Expired Registration, No Child Restraint, No Operators, No Insurance; Jessica N. Rose, Speeding; Cheyenne C. Roush, Suspended Operators, No Seatbelt, Striking Fixture, Leaving Scene with Damage, Improper Display, No Operators in Possession; Breanna E. Roush, No Operators, No Seatbelt; Ann Marie Rowley, Child Restraint, Child Restraint; Dana Alan Sargent, Defective Equipment, Suspended Operators, Fail to Stop (sign), No Insurance Carried, Expired Operators, No Seatbelt; William C. Saxon, Cell Phone, NO Seatbelt; Ronald M. Shafer, Expired MVI, No Operators; Mark A. Schweikert, Open Container, Defective Equipment, Expired MVI, No Proof Insurance; Roy J. See Sr., No Insurance, Expired MVI, Improper Registration.

Devin L. Shamblin, Expired MVI, No Seatbelt, Failure to Produce Operators, No Seatbelt (passenger); Steven E. Sheets, Suspended Operators, No Proof Insurance; Mark A. Shope, Turn Signal, No Child Restraint; Krista M. Shull, Expired Registration; Tabitha R. Sibley, No Insurance, Failure to Produce Registration, Fail to Dim, Driving Suspended; Angela D. Sims, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (passenger); Manual L. Skaggs, No Operators, Fail to Maintain Control; Matthew R. Smalley, Following too Close; Elizabeth Danielle Smith, Fail to Stop for Sign; Jill S. Smith, Expired Registration; Joshua L. Smith, No Operators, Defective Equipment; Margo K. Smith, Striking Fixed Object, No Insurance; Georgie L. Smith, No Insurance; Caleb D. Smith, Cell Phone; Benjamin L. Somerville, Speeding, Failure to Obtain West Virginia Driver’s License, Failure to Obtain West Virginia Registration; Samuel Robert Spear, Improper Registration, No Insurance, Failure to Signal, Improper Lance Change, No Seatbelt; Tessa D. Springer, No Insurance.

Carl D. Stafford Sr., Expired Registration, suspended Operators, No Insurance, Defective Equipment; Gene A. Stanley, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Teresa L. Stearns, Failure to Stop (sign); James W. Stewart, Expired MVI, No Insurance; Robert M. Stewart, No Seatbelt, No Operators, No MVI; Jennifer Marie Stone, Expired Registration, No Seatbelt, No Insurance, Driving Suspended; Bobbi J. Stranahan, Expired Registration, No Operators; Lou M. Streeter, Failure to Stop (sign); Joshua A. Stump, Fail to Dim, Driving Suspended; Brittany D. Swain, Failure to Stop (sign); Andrew J. Taylor, Expired Registration, No Seatbelt; Betsy Clare Taylor, Failure to Obey Traffic Signal; Jamie N. Taylor, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (passenger); Jacob R. Templeton, Cell Phone; Lora A. Terry, Trespassing; Robert Allen Terry, Driving Suspended, Public Intoxication; Rebecca J. Thompson, Driving Suspended, No Insurance, Improper Registration, Window Tint; Trenton K. Tolliver, No Operators in Possession; Andrew E. Travis, Driving Suspended; Christopher Lee Triplett, Open Container; Kayla D. Tucker, Expired Registration, No Insurance.

Michael R. Turner II, Expired Registration; Johnny Rorke Turner, Improper Registration, Expired Registration, No Insurance, No Seatbelt; Anthony D. Tyler, Sell Phone; Noah P. Tyree, Expired MVI, No Insurance; Jesse lee Vanvranken, Curfew Violation; Sherri L. Vergilio, Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device, Driving Suspended; Donna J. Vorbach, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt, No Child Restraint; Angela Jaynn Waggoner, Open Container; Shannon D. Waggoner, Driving Suspended, No Helmet; Christopher S. Wallace, Possession of Tobacco by Minor, Littering; Raven M. Wallace, No Operators; Earl William Wamsley III, No Registration Carried, Improper Registration; Johnnie Garrett Wamsley, No MVI, No Mvi; Robert W. Waugh, No Registration Carried, No Insurance; Grace Allison Wells, Expired MVI, Expired registration, No Insurance, Improper Registration, Expired Registration, No Insurance, Failure to Maintain Control; Shawn M. Wendell, Speeding, No Insurance; Bryan C. White, No Seatbelt, Defective Equipment, Driving Suspended, Defective Equipment; David L. White, Expired MVI, Improper Parking.

Shawn D. White, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (passenger), Expired Registration, No MVI; Stephanie A. White, Public Intoxication; Kaylea Marie Whittlesey, No License; Chassidy D. Wills, Fail to Dim; Grady Lee Whitson Jr., Failure to Change to West Virginia; Cheryl A. Whitt, Expired Operators, No Insurance, Child Restraint, No Seatbelt; Jeffery L. Willet, Improper Registration, Defective Exhaust; Melissa D. Willet, No seatbelt, No Seatbelt (passenger); Ralph William Willet, Reckless Operator, Improper Registration; Timothy R. Willet, Suspended Operators, Expired Registration, No MVI, No Insurance; Jonathan Donald Williams, Improper Registration; James Robert Williamson, Failure to Stop (sign), Reckless Driving; Lora J. Wills, Driving on Suspended, Improper Registration, Expired Registration, No Insurance.

Ronnie Lee Withrow, Driving Suspended, No Motorcycle Endorsement, Improper Registration, No Insurance, No MVI; Jason L. Wright, Improper Lane Use, No Seatbelt; Gary W. Woodrow, Suspended Operators, Improper Registration, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Brent Aaron Workman, Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct, Brittany S. Workman, Expired Operators, Improper Registration, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Norman D. Workman, Improper Registration, Simple Possession of Marijuana; Jessica R. Yost, Failure to Yield Right of Way, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Alexandra A. Young, Expired Registration; James W. Young, Expired Registration.