For the record

Point Pleasant Police Department

The Point Pleasant Police Department has released its latest list of outstanding, unpaid fines it says is owed to the department.

Those wishing to pay those fines and be removed from the list can do so by calling the PPPD at 304-675-1104 or stop in at the department during normal business hours.

Due to the length of the list, a partial one appears here, with the remainder appearing next week inside the Point Pleasant Register.

The list, as compiled by PPPD staff, appears below:

David M. Hindy, Striking Unattended Vehicle, Spinning Tires, Driving No Insurance, Expired Registration; Marsha A. Hindy, Failure to Maintain Control; Michael Dylan Hindy, No Operators, No Insurance, Striking Fixed Object, Leaving Scene of Accident with Damage; Penny Renee Hindy, Permitting no Operators; Adrienne D. Hoover, No Operators; Kaleigh Michelle Horn, Cell Phone Use, No Operators, No Proof of Registration, No Insurance, Possession of a Controlled Substance; Chase M. Holler, No Seat Belt, No Insurance; Christine Lynn Holley, Fail to Yield; Aaron M. Howard, Speeding; Michael Joe Hudson Jr. , Speeding, Suspended Operators; Everett A. Hunter, No Turn Signal, Defective Windshield; Timothy M. Hurlow, No Seat Belt, No Seat Belt (passenger); Ashley M. Hurt No Seat Belt, Stop Sign, Suspended Operators; Ada Renee Isbell, Expired Operators, Expired Registration, No Seat Belt, No Seat Belt (passenger); Tonja A. Isbell, Permitting Driving Suspended; Dana Anthony Jeffers, No Seat Belt; Timothy C. Jeffers, Open Container, Public Intoxication; Patricia S. Jeffers, No Seat Belt; Faith M. Johnson, No Child Restraint, No Headlamps, No Seatbelt, Improper Registration.

Kaley Nicole Johnson, Defective Equipment, Expired Operators; Melvin W. Johnson, Failure to Yield, Expired Operators; Amanda N. Jones, Suspended Operators, No Registration carried; Heather Dawn Jones, Defective Equipment, No Insurance, Improper Registration, Driving Suspended; Justin M. Jordan, Disorderly Conduct; Robert Allen Jordan, Suspended Operators; Colton Lloyd Keefer, Cell Phone; Michael A. King, Failure to Stop (sign); Norma J. King, Expired Registration, No Seatbelt (passenger); Calvin W. Kirby, Driving Suspended, Driving Suspended, Defective Equipment; Toney C. Kitts, Speeding. No Insurance; Alicia G. Lane, No Driver’s License; Gary O. Lane, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt; William J. Lane, Left of Center; Evelyn S. Litchfield, No Operators; Zebulun S. Lane, Driving Suspended; Sabrina B. Leach, No Seatbelt, No Insurance, Run Red Light, Driving Suspended, Driving Suspended, Failure to Produce Operators, Expired Registration, Failure to Change Address; Pamela S. Lee, Defective Equipment, No Seatbelt, Improper Use of Turning Lane, Improper Passing; Forest Alan Lee Jr., No Insurance, Fail to Signal, Improper Registration; Rebecca D. Leon, Improper Use of Cell Phone, Expired Registration, NO Seatbelt, No Seatbelt, Failure to Signal; Travis J. Leonard, Expired Operators, No Insurance; Paris A. Leonard, Open Container; Joseph R. Leport, Driving without headlights; Michael Jay Letson, No Insurance, No Seatbelt, Improper Registration, No Operators; Granville Lee Likens Jr., No Seatbelt.

Jacob K. Litchfield, Following Too Close; Robert Brian Lloyd, No Seatbelt; Gabriel S. Loggins, Defective Equipment, No MVI; Brian Lee Love, Expired Operators, No Insurance, Expired Registration; David N. Maynard, No Seatbelt, Expired Registration, No Insurance, Following Too Close, Driving Suspended; Leonard J. Maynard, No Headlights; Juan M. McCabe, Cell Phone; Ronial C. McCoy, No Seatbelt, Failure to Signal, No Operators; Cherie Lynn McDermitt, Expired Registration, Driving Suspended, No Insurance; Robert W. McClaskey, Driving Suspended, No Turn Signal; Christopher L. McClellan, No Seatbelt, Expired Operators, No Seatbelt, Failure to Stop (sign), No MVI; Jesse M. McCloud, Shoplifting; Johnathon H. McClure, Expired MVI; Patrick Edward McCutcheon, Improper Use of Cell Phone; Don Eugene McDade, Open Container; Sabrina Dawn McDade, No Insurance, Driving suspended, Defective Equipment, No Operators in Possession, No Seatbelt, NO Seatbelt (passenger), Improper Registration, No Seatbelt; Cameron L. McDaniel, Expired MVI; Donald L. McKeever, Shoplifting, Public Intoxication, Open Container; Eric W. McKown, Expired Operators, Edward W. McKown, No Insurance; Katheryn S. Meadows, Failure to Maintain Control; Joseph G. Messer, Suspended Operators, No Insurance; David S. Milburn, Public Intoxication; Brandy J. Miller, No Operators in Possession, No Insurance, Driving without Headlights; Derek M. Miller, Expired MVI, No Operators Carried, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (passenger).

Rick Ethan Miller, Shoplifting; Justin R. Milligan, Curfew; Brittany N. Mitchell, Defective Equipment; James L. Montgomery, No Seatbelt, Cell Phone; James M. Moore, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (passenger); David James Morris, Restricted Operators, Striking fixed Object, Leaving Scene with Property Damage, Failure to Maintain Control; Javon D. Moorman, Defective Equipment; Trevor Shae Mullins, No Insurance, No Seatbelt; Terry B. Myers II, Reckless Driving, Speeding, Driving Suspended, No Seatbelt, No Registration Carried, Defective Equipment, Possession of Alcohol by Minor, No MVI, Improper Registration, Driving Suspended; Brian J. Neal, Passing in No Passing Zone; Charlie Lee Neal, Public Intoxication; Kenneth D. Neal, Public Intoxication; Shane D. Neal, No Insurance, Improper Registration; Tylina R. New, Failure to Stop (sign); Debra Louise Newman, Expired Registration, No Seatbelt; Corey Newsome, Open Container; Tim Nibert, Failure to Change Address; Hunter S. Nolan, Open Container; Garret Lee Norris, Fail to Stop (sign); Harry D. Norris, Underage Consumption; Ellene Dale Nickels, Failure to Use Turn Signal, No Insurance; John F. Norville, Stop Sign, No Insurance; Raymond F. Otting Jr., Public Intoxication; Rita Kay Oliver, No Seatbelt; Derek T. Oxyer, Driving No Headlights, Improper Registration; Beth Ann Page, Underage Consumption; Daniel T. Payne, Trespassing; Connie Sue Pearson, No Insurance, Following too Closely; Rodney D. Pearson, Suspended Operators, Improper Registration.

Timothy Lee Pearson, Public Intoxication, Open Container; Dustin Alan Pearson, Stop Sign; Matthew B. Pelfrey, Following too Close; Shawn Pennycook, Improper Turn, Driving Suspended; Tabitha D. Perez, Expired Registration, Expired MVI, Defective Equipment; Alex D. Perry, Driving Suspended, Failure to Signal, Expired Registration; Shawn Wesley Peters, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Janice Marie Peters, NO Insurance; Morgan Renea Pethtel, Improper Use of Turn Lane; James E. Phoenix, Possession of Controlled Substance; Denise Ann Pounds, Improper Use of Turn Lane; Jeffrey Lee Rainey, Driving Suspended; David T. Raike, Speeding, Fail to Dim, Left of Center; Christopher Perry Rayburn, Public Intoxication; Amy M. Reitmire, Defective Equipment; Tammy L. Reitmire, Suspended Operators, Failure to Dim, No MVI, Improper Registration, No Insurance; Cassandra Kay Reynolds, Cell Phone; Vickey L. Reynolds, Expired Registration, No Seatbelt, No Child Restraint, No Child Restraint; James G. Rhodes, No Seatbelt, Headlights, Driving Suspended; Ernest C. Richardson, Possession of Marijuana; Michael R. Richmond, No Insurance, Suspended Operators, Failure to Stop (sign), No Seatbelt.