Mason Fair Broadsheet budget

Page one

PPR080715_MasonFair_LedeStory-11.3 with photo

PPR080715_MasonFair_Schedule – 16.9

PPR080715_MasonFair_Entertainment with 5 photos-14.7

Inside Copy

PPR080715_MasonFair_LittleMissMister with pic -7.4

PPR080715_MasonFair_Queen with 8 mugs-28

PPR080715_MasonFair_Parade with one pic – standalone

PPR080715_MasonFair_LivestockShows with pic-4.7

PPR080715_MasonFair_LivestockSale with 2 pic-3

PPR080715_MasonFair_FairFun with 6 pics – standalone photos with cutlines which can be used in a large group or wherever filler is needed