For the record

Point Pleasant Police Department

The Point Pleasant Police Department has released its latest list of outstanding, unpaid fines it says is owed to the department.

Those wishing to pay those fines and be removed from the list can do so by calling the PPPD at 304-675-1104 or stop in at the department during normal business hours.

Due to the length of the list, a partial one appears here, with the remainder appearing later in the week inside the Point Pleasant Register.

The list, as compiled by PPPD staff, appears below:

Dwayne Allen Adkins, Public Intoxication, Indecent Exposure; Tenicha Dawn Angles, Failure to Maintain Control, No License, No Seatbelt; Travis Shane Arnold, Driving Suspended, Open Container; Kasey Atkinson, Expired MVI, No Turn Signal; Kenneth D. Baker, Expired Registration, Expired MVI; Shawn Allen Barker, Underage Consumption; Tina M. Barker, Expired MVI; Brittani Dawn Barnette, Underage Consumption; Diana L. Barnette ,Suspended Operators, No Insurance; Jack W. Barry, No Operators, No Insurance; Randy Allen Bartram, Driving Suspended; Traci L. Bates, No Operators in Possession, Expired MVI; Adam Jabez Beard, Failure to use Signal, Driving Suspended; Frederick Allison Bennett, No Operators, No Operators, No Insurance, Jacob M. Bennett, Curfew Violation; Stephen M. Berkley, Driving Suspended, Open Container, Open Container, Public Intoxication, Public Intoxication.

Jeremiah Dale Birchfield, Defective Equipment; Thomas R. Baird, Suspended Operators; Billie Jo Black, No Child Restraint, No Child Restraint, Driving Suspended; Jessica A. Blake, Expired Registration; Jason R. Blankenship, Expired MVI, Failure to Produce Operators; Timothy Dale Blankenship, Defective Equipment; Adam D. Boggess, Driving Suspended second offense, No Seatbelt; Alisa D. Bonecutter, Failure to Maintain Control, No Insurance; Brian Keith Bonecutter, Leaving the Scene of Accident, No Insurance Carried, No Seatbelt, Following too Closely; Jonathan Owen Bonecutter, Defective Equipment, Expired MVI; Amanda J. Boster, Driving Suspended, Improper use Center Thurn Lane; Billy Joe Bowman, Failure to Stop (sign), No Operators; Shay A. Bradshaw,

Failure to Stop (sign), No MVI, Failed to Yield; Judi McDaniel Braswell, Speeding; Lisa G. Brewer, Driving Suspended, Failure to Produce Operators; Zach L. Brumfield, Driving Suspended Second Offense, Improper Registration, No Insurance; Lewis G. Bryant, Driving Suspended First Offense; Lonnie R. Bryant, Expired Registration; Scott A. Buckler, Speeding; Allen W. Burke, Open Container; Elizabeth Ann Burris, Driving Suspended, No Insurance; Valerie Ann Caldwell, Defective Equipment (headlight), Defective Equipment (tail light); John L. Calandros, Failure to Yield, Expired Operators; Rachel E. Carr, No Seat belt (passenger), Failure to Stop (sign), No Seat Belt; Bernard Michael Casto, Brake Light; Carl E. Casto, Speeding; Keywaun K. Carthan, Failure to Produce Operators, No Insurance; Tonia Kay Chafin, Driving Suspended, No Insurance Carried; Georgia R. Chapman, Improper Registration; James Allen Clark, No Seat Belt, No Seat Belt, Improper Registration, No MVI; James D. Clark, No Operators; Iesha M. Cleland, No Operators, No Insurance, Suspended Operators, No Registration.

Jessica N. Clendenen, Expired MVI, Defective Equipment, No Operators; Angela H. Clendenin, No Insurance, Failure to Maintain Control, NO Insurance, Cell Phone, Failure to Change address; Robert O. Clonch Jr., Cell Phone; Jack Ryan Cochran, Expired Registration; John Alvis Coleman, Defective Equipment, Driving Suspended; William Bret Conley, Expired MVI, No Insurance; Sandra Lynn Corbin, Driving Suspended, No Insurance; Semaki G. Corfias, No Registration Carried, Suspended Operators, No Insurance; Brandon R. Comer, Defective Equipment, No Insurance; Matthew S. Cornell, No Seatbelt, Underage Consumption; Michael P. Cottrill Jr., Speeding, No Insurance; Michelle A. Coughenour, No Insurance, Suspended operators; Charles G. Cox, Failure to Stop, No Proof Insurance, Seat Belt, Suspended Operators; Patricia Marie Cox, Child Restraint, Child Restraint, No Insurance, No Head Lamps, No Insurance, No Operators in Possession, Defective equipment, No Child Restraint; Shawn Lee Cox, Fail to Stop.

Nathaniel L. Cunningham, First Offense Shoplifting; Buddy Lee Curry, Improper Registration, Driving Suspended or Revoked; Linda Ann Curry, Expired MVI, Running Stop Sign, No Seat Belt, Driving Suspended; Randall S. DeWeese, Run Red Light; Tyler Dakota DeWitt, No Child Restraint, No Seat Belt; Nathan Allen DeWitt, No Seat Belt, Defective Equipment, Following too Closely; Charles F. Donohue, Driving Suspended, failure to Change to West Virginia Driver’s License, Leaving the Scene with Damage, Striking Unattended Vehicle; Terry Thomas Doss, Open Container; Clara F. Douglas, No Seatbelt; Stephen R. Dowdy, Expired MVI; Andrew S. Dowler, NO Operators, No Insurance; Lisa Marie Drennen, Cell Phone; Jacob M. S. Dummitt, Improper Registration, No Insurance; Connie S. Dunbar, Failure to Stop (sign); Erick Keith Dye, Defective Equipment, No Insurance Carried; Greg G. Eberts, Left of Center; Scottie L. Edmonds, No Proof of Registration, No Insurance, No Seat Belt, Driving Suspended First Offense; Charles R. Estep, Speeding; James J. Ferguson, No Seat Belt, No Seat Belt Passenger; Dustin Lee Fellure, Trespassing; Thomas Allen Finley, No MVI.

Ronnie D. Fletcher, Driving Suspended Third Offense, Rung Stop Sign; Nicole Shannon Flora, Expired Registration, Expired MVI, Expired Insurance; Jody R. Flowers, Speeding, Expired Tags; Amanda Kallie Fooce, Failure to Maintain; Brian F. Fouch, Driving Suspended, Failure to Yield; Ruth B. Frank, Failure to Yield; Eduardo Fuentes, No Insurance, Failure to Yield; Leon D. Gallimore, Driving Suspended; Toni M. Gardner, NO Child Restraint, No Seat Belt (passenger) Derek Todd Gibbs, No MVI; Gregory S. Gibbs, No Seat Belt; Tammy A. Grimes, Expired Registration; Frank, A. Goff, Fail to Dim, Fail to Change Address; Arnold L. Granat, Shoplifting; James A. Griffith, Driving Suspended, Expired MVI, Expired Registration; Joey Hall III, Passing in No Passing Zone; Todd D. Handley, Failure to Stop (sign).

Shannon Lee Hanning, Public Intoxication, No Insurance Carried; Jeremiah H. Harking, Defective Equipment, No Seat Belt; Shawn Michael Harmon, Defective Equipment, No Seat Belt, No Seat , Failure to Change Address; Wallie W. Hart Jr., No Operators in Possession, Expired Operators, No Operators in Possession; Joseph Thomas Hart, Driving Suspended Second Offense, Failure to change Operators Address; Roger L. Hartshorn, Suspended Operators; Michelle L. Harvey, Expired Registration, Expired MVI; Cynthia Elain Haught, Distracted Driving; Travis R. Henderson, Defective Equipment, No Insurance, Possession of Marijuana; Kristi Jane Henry, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Randy L. Henry, Open Container; Tammy S. Henry, NO Seat Belt, No Seat Belt (passenger); Shawn Michael Henry, Driving Suspended, Underage Drinking, No Proof of Insurance; Jessy D. Herdman, Firing B.B. Gun; Charles Brandon Hill, Expired Registration, Defective Equipment.