County talks wrecker service policy

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POINT PLEASANT — The county’s policy on calling out wrecker services was discussed at this week’s meeting of the Mason County Commission.

Representatives from Wally’s Wrecker Service in the Leon area, told Commissioners Tracy Doolittle, Miles Epling and Rick Handley, that in a month and a half, the service had received no calls from Mason County 911 in terms of utilizing towing services.

Chuck Blake, director of Mason County Emergency Medical Services, said the current policy in regard to wrecker services is to allow the motorist involved in an accident to indicate which wrecker service they desire or if that motorist is incapacitated, whomever is in charge on the scene can make the call to 911 dispatchers. This could be either law enforcement or a fire chief, Blake said.

Blake said the policy was reviewed by a committee and approved by the commission but could be revisited, saying additional wrecker services have been added in the county since the policy was last revised. Representatives from Wally’s Wrecker Service said they were operated and owned by Mason County residents.

Commissioners agreed to revisit the policy with a possible rotation of these wrecker services being instituted in the protocol. Commissioners will meet on the issue at 1 p.m., Aug. 1 in the commission room.

County Administrator John Gerlach reported the county has been approved for a Court Security Fund grant in the amount of $35,534 to enhance the county’s court security. Gerlach said this will include updating cameras and duress buttons.

Commissioners approved the resignation of Phyllis Arthur from the Mason County Ambulance Authority due to medical conditions.

Commissioners were asked to renew a two-year lease with Peoples Bank for space in the court house parking lot for the business’ sign. The lease is from July 1 – June 30, 2018 for $600 per year. Commissioners indicated that lease price would likely raise in the future.

Commissioners were presented with a list of old road names which were re-named in the 1990’s by Mason County 911 for the purpose of easier identification in emergency situations. This cross reference, found in the assessor’s office, is hoped to alleviate confusion when it comes to the sale of property in the county and the requirements of lending institutions to have verification that a road’s name was changed. This will assist local Realtors in closing deals without delay. County Clerk Diana Cromley said she would need to go back through the commission minutes to find when these name changes were adopted and then have the list notarized, approved and placed in her office as a recordable document.

Commissioners approved the hiring of Scott Donley for a part-time position with Mason County 911.

Commissioners spoke about approving the ballot language for the EMS operating levy for the fall ballot. The language will be discussed and likely approved during the regular commission meeting at 4 p.m. Aug. 4. Commissioners said EMS will be distributing informational material throughout the county explaining how this operating levy would affect taxpayers, by creating breakdowns of assessed valuation of property and frequently asked questions.

Beth Sergent

[email protected]

Reach Beth Sergent at [email protected] or on Twitter @BSergentWrites.

Reach Beth Sergent at [email protected] or on Twitter @BSergentWrites.