Fruth aids in WVa flood reflief efforts

Staff Report

POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. — A box truck full of donations from Fruth Pharmacy customers and employees left earlier this month for areas affected by the recent flooding.

There were so many donations that not all of them could fit on the truck for the first delivery.

After the flooding occurred, Amy Nelson, gift category manager for Fruth Pharmacy, quickly began bringing Fruth Pharmacy into action. She called each store location and had donation boxes set up. She and other Fruth category managers began calling business partners for assistance as well. Signs were posted in-store and requests began flooding social media.

Current and retired employees volunteered their time to drive donations to flood-affected areas. Stover Trucking also offered its services to help drive donations.

Customers that didn’t know what to purchase requested to donate funds for purchasing supplies. Fruth Pharmacy’s Point of Sale staff created a special UPC for monetary donations. This enabled Fruth to keep track of exactly how much money was collected to help purchase more needed supplies. More than $5,000 was collected across the 29-location family-owned chain.

Business partner Heinrich Paper Supply Company arrived during the week with a truck from their company with another $4,000 worth of clean-up supplies.

In addition to helping bring supplies in for clean-up, donations for children and pets of the flooded areas are also currently being sought.

Grant Butler and Carol Reinbold, of Genetco, helped Fruth Pharmacy donate thousands of dollars worth of antibiotics and two nebulizers to the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association for flood-affected area pets.

“So many pets were displaced or lost during the flooding. To lots of people, pets are part of their family,” said shared Lynne Fruth, president of Fruth Pharmacy. “For these animals that have been rescued, we felt there was a great need in assisting in their care. Watching a family that has lost everything being reunited with a pet is heartwarming. Reuniting with a pet brings back hope and normalcy to a family. That is a big deal during this time. Fruth Pharmacy felt it was important to contribute to these efforts of the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association.”

“Fruth Pharmacy has gone above and beyond to ensure that KCHA is able to care for local pets that have been displaced by flooding,” said Jessie Shafer, KCHA director of development. “Because of this donation, these animals will receive the care that they need and deserve. We are extremely grateful for Fruth’s support during this trying time.”

Fruth Pharmacy’s over-the-counter category manager Barbara Taylor, also has been hard at work gathering first-aid supplies for the Kanawha County Emergency Ambulance Authority. The first shipment included First-Aid kits and hand sanitizer. More than 330 cases of OTC products will be arriving directly to Scott Depot, W.Va., for first responders and volunteers to pick up and distribute to the flood victims.

Nelson is also helping collect for a toy and book drive for the children affected by the flooding.

Staff Report