City moves to abandon street

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POINT PLEASANT — Point Pleasant City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance which will allow the city to officially abandon a street.

In May, a petition from some residents along Jefferson Boulevard was presented to council, asking the city to abandon North Street, which runs behind their homes and is in the floodplain.

Council unanimously passed the first reading to abandon the street at this week’s regular meeting, with a public hearing and second reading required to adopt the ordinance.

In other business:

Billings reported his office had been in contact with several businesses about donating to the spray park project a Krodel Park. He also reported Point Pleasant In Bloom will be placing a new welcome sign along W.Va. 62, north of the city.

During a recess from the meeting, outgoing council members Bob Rulen, Bob Doeffinger, Keith Sargent, Allen Moran and Charles Garland were recognized for their service on council, with their terms ending June 30. The administration framed custom proclamations of appreciation for the men with a brief reception held during the recess, including cake and refreshments.

Billings spoke to those in attendance, saying: “You all fought for the issues, some of you served several years and we thank you for what you’ve done, you’ll be missed.”

As each member was presented with their framed plaque with its proclamation detailing their years of service, those members spoke. Doeffinger, who has served as councilman of the second ward since 1991, said he had enjoyed his time on council and “this has been a great council.” He said if he had one suggestion or any words of advice, it would be that members remember the historic city they represent and how that “history” is “one thing we have going for us.” He stressed supporting Main Street and efforts to preserve the historic integrity of the area, including supporting the historic preservation committee.

Rulen, who came to council to represent the seventh ward in 2012, said he had decided not to run due to being retired and wanting to spend more time with family, but he had appreciated the support from the administration and from his fellow council members.

Moran, who came to council to represent the third ward in 2012, echoed his appreciation of the people he served his time with, saying: “You all do the tough jobs and make the tough decisions.”

Garland, who was asked to fill a vacancy in the sixth ward in 2014, said he appreciated being asked to return to council to serve, after having won the same seat years before. Garland also said he was looking forward to spending time with family. His seat will be filled next month by Olivia Warner who was at the meeting to observe, with Garland telling her she would be his councilwoman now and, “I’ve got a hole in my driveway.”

Though Sargent was not at the meeting, Billings said: “Keith’s been a good servant to the city and he’ll be missed.”

Five new council members will take their place around the table to serve the city next month.

Beth Sergent

[email protected]

Reach Beth Sergent at [email protected] or on Twitter @BSergentWrites.

Reach Beth Sergent at [email protected] or on Twitter @BSergentWrites.