Fundraiser set for Letart Nature Park

By Luke Blain - OVP

LETART — The Letart Community Development Group will be hosting a fundraiser at the Letart Community Center on Saturday, at 11 a.m. for the Letart Nature Park.

The fundraiser will have food, drinks and desserts available for those who attend. Donations made will go toward the upkeep and maintenance for the park.

“We’re just trying to keep the parks and the trails open and stuff accessible to as many people as we can,” said John Byer, a member of the Letart Community development group said in an interview.

The funds will help the group with fuel for mowers and tractors as well as “riprap rock” to help prevent erosion. It will also go toward one of the park’s more recent projects, which is finishing the park’s third pond and stocking it with fish.

Byer says that fundraisers are the primary source of revenue for maintaining the park. The Letart Community Development ground has one or two fundraisers per year to cover maintenance costs.

The park is 263 acres and is completely non-profit, as it is free for anyone to visit.

“Our only reward is to be improvement of our community,” the park’s website states.

The website also states that the park’s mission is to “Provide an exceptional and diverse system of trails, open spaces, forest, recreational facilities, and other natural areas that are safe, accessible, and affordable to foster the needs of our community.”

There will be another fundraiser, a chicken barbecue, on Saturday Oct. 25.

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By Luke Blain


Luke Blain is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.

Luke Blain is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing.