Board of Ed approves volunteers, policy reviews

Staff Report

POINT PLEASANT — The Mason County Board of Education recently met approving volunteers and placing policies on review as well as for comment.

Board members Ashley Cossin, Jared Billings Meagan Bonecutter, Rhonda Tennant and Dale Shobe were present.

The board approved Brent Hereford, Jessica Higginbotham and Kelsey Moya as approved drivers for the current year. Records have been check with the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

The board approved volunteers for the Mason County Career Center, Point Pleasant Intermediate School (PPIS) and Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School (PPJSHS) for the current school year.

It was noted that there were additional volunteers added to the list according to Kim Burris, director of federal programs.

A request allowing two Cabell County students to attend school in Mason County for the remainder of the current year was approved.

The board approved the recommendations to place the following policies on a five day review and comment: policy #100-definitions, #1405- Determination of Employee or Independent worker, #2215- Required Courses of Instruction, #2371- Hope Scholarship Program, #2432- Driver Education, #2625- Civics Education Test, #3116- Determination of Employee or Independent Worker, #3120.08- Employment of Personnel for Extracurricular Activities, #3120.12- Substitutes in Areas of Critical Need and Shortage, #3531- Unauthorized Work Stoppage, #4115- Job Descriptions, #4116-Determination of Employee or Independent Worker, #4130,04- Employment of Substitutes, #4120.08- Employment of Personnel for Extracurricular Activities, #4125- Competency Testing for Service Personnel, #4242- Service Personnel Staff Development, #4531- Unauthorized Work Stoppage, #5111- Eligibility of Resident/Nonresident Students for enrollment, #5140- Student Driver Eligibility Certificate, #5330- Use of Medications, #5331- Administration of Opioid Antagonists, #5335- Care of Students with Chronic Health Conditions, #5500- Student Code of Conduct, #5600- Student Discipline, #6114- Cost Principles-Spending Federal Funds, #6520-Payroll Deductions, #6800-System of Accounting, #7450- Property Inventory, #8340- Letters of Reference, #8405.01- Indoor Air Quality, #8600,04- Bus Operator Certification, #9270- Home Instruction and #9900- Charter Schools.

Kaci Pyles, Beale Elementary was approved for 12 weeks of unpaid, family medical leave.

The resignation of Beverly Glaze, child nutrition director, due to retirement was approved, effective March 11.

Cossin pulled the agenda item with Glaze’s retirement to thank her for the work she has done in the county.

The resignation of Amanda Tarbett, social worker- central office itinerant, effective March 11 was approved.

The transfer of Erin Tolliver, English/Language arts grades seven through 12 PPJSHS to elementary assistant principal, curriculum and instruction central office itinerant was approved.

The employment of Rhonda Couch, English/Language arts teacher for Hannan Junior/Senior High School (HJSHS); Jeffrey Jobe, social studies teachers PPJSHS; Shamarie Canterbury and Sarah Doss, restricted substitutes teachers for current year and Vanesa Bumgarner, Robin Harbrecht and Randi Shirley as substitute teachers were approved.

Family medical leave for Gregory Jarvis, PPIS and Sheila Flora, Ashton Elementary was approved.

The employment of Rebecca Wallace, substitute aide and substitute cook was approved.

The employment of Wayne Richardson, head varsity baseball coach HJSHS and Kyle McGee, unpaid position of athletic assistant, PPJSHS were approved.

The ratification of orders issues, transfers and supplements in the total amount of $1,264, 502.03 was approved by the board.

The board approved, 4-0, the ratification in total of #312.84 to Jared Billings.

Billings abstained from the vote.

There was no superintendent’s report due to illness.

Agenda item 12.03, “recommend the board set dates and times for LSIC meetings,” was pulled for no action according to Burris.

The special statutory business meeting is scheduled for March 22 at 5:45 p.m.

The next regular Mason County Board of Education meeting is scheduled for March 22 at 6 p.m.

All votes are unanimous unless otherwise noted.

Staff Report