Board of Ed approves school calendar

By Brittany Hively - [email protected]

POINT PLEASANT — During the recent Mason County Board of Education meeting, the board approved the 2022-23 school calendar and the superintendent gave an update on happenings across the county.

Board members present were Dale Shobe, Rhonda Tennant, Meagan Bonecutter, Jared Billings and Ashley Cossin.

After receiving feedback from parents and staff, the county had five proposed calendars for the 2022-23 school year.

Superintendent Keith Burdette gave an overall report on the voting for the calendars and some of the feedback received. Burdette gave a special thanks to Chrystalle Doyle, technology coordinator, for her work on collecting the data and the way she presented it for everyone to easily view.

Burdette noted that 68% of parents in the community that participated in the survey, preferred an early dismissal over a late arrival. More than 81% of employees prefer the early dismissal over the late arrival.

The board voted to approve the most favorable calendar option by both the employees and the public, which was calendar E.

2022-23 school calendar:

Start date, teachers — Aug. 15

Start date, students — Aug. 18

End date, students — May 30

End date, teachers — June 9 *includes sic Outside of School Environment Days (OS) at the end.

Thanksgiving break — five days

Last day before Christmas break — students, Tuesday, Dec. 20; Faculty Senate half-day;

Wednesday, Dec. 21 — Faculty Senate half day and PLC half-day.

Spring Break — April 3 through 7

Additional notes: four Faculty Senate half-days scheduled in conjunction with four PLC half-days.

Superintendent’s Report

Burdette said kindergarten registration and screening will be for any children who will be five-years-old by June 30.

Registration for Ashton and Leon Elementary and Point Pleasant Primary School (PPPS) will be at the home schools on March 11, with the exception of PPPS, which will be at the Central Board office to accommodate parking.

Beale, New Haven and Roosevelt Elementary registration will be March 18.

Burdette said the Outdoor Youth Expo will return this year, May 19-20, at the Board office. The event is for fourth through sixth grade students.

Burdette said he was asked to give a presentation during the Family Central Collaboration with Mason, Putnam and Kanawha Counties.

Burdette spoke on challenges facing students with the pandemic and truancy. He brought Melissa Farmer, elementary curriculum director, with him to aid with the truancy portion.

Burdette was also asked to participate in a panel discussion on economic development at the West Virginia School Board Association.

Billings later spoke on Burdette’s participation in the panel discussion.

“I had a chance to attend in person, as well,” Billings said. “I will take the time to say you did a wonderful job, you [were] received well, many that were there throughout the 55 counties and other stakeholders that were there, I heard a lot of good things [on] the way you presented. I want to say thank you for representing Mason County.”

Burdette said they are constantly looking for new opportunities for students and that the state recently approved a sports medicine program with the Career and Technical Education schools.

“I’ve been looking into that and I’ve been in touch with Pleasant Valley Hospital,” Burdette said. “I’m really optimistic that we can begin to offer that next year. I really think it can happen.”

Burdette said he is also interested in bringing the business program back to the Mason County Career Center (MCCC.)

Burdette then said with the recent bouts of substantial rainfall, some roof leaks have been found. He suggested budgeting some money each year for things like roof replacements and HVAC issues.

“The School Building Authority is really trending away from using money for roofs and HVAC systems,” Burdette said. “So it’s really becoming incumbent upon school systems to start setting aside a little bit of money each year to start to address those needs.”

Burdette said the condition of the roofs did not happen overnight, so it will take some time to get them back to where they need to be.

Burdette wished the Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School wrestlers good luck on the state championships.

Tennant asked Burdette if there is a possibility to eventually offer classes for adults at MCCC.

“I think that there is a tremendously undeserved population out there of adults that can benefit from those kinds of things,” Burdette said. “I think that what we do right now is first try to address some of these — the student, the secondary student needs right now. But I definitely hope that you can talk to the folks that have been in meetings with the Career Center and they know that’s in my vision, to see some adult offerings made available to the adults.”

Burdette spoke about upcoming Local School improvement Council (LSIC) meetings. He said as Ashton Elementary is a comprehensive supported improvement school, it would be nice to have it at Ashton and recommended April 26.

He said other schools are not required to have LSIC meetings with the board, but if the board was interested the schools can come in to speak about what is happening.

Bonecutter, Shobe and Cossin were in favor of completing the meetings in one day. Burdette said he would like to get the meetings scheduled and allow them enough time to prepare. No action was taken.

Agenda items approved during the meeting:

The Board approved Jody Keefer as an approved driver, the volunteer list for Wahama Junior/Senior High School, an agreement between Mason County Board of Education and Marshall university to fulfill requirements for the Clinical Teacher of Record Program, a request for a Mason County student to attend school in Jackson County for the 2022-23 school year and a request for a Jackson County student to attend New Haven Elementary School for the 2022-23 school year.

Family medical leave for Joan Durst, Point Pleasant intermediate School (PPIS), and Melissa Bledsoe, Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School, were approved. The resignation of Rosanna Anthony, PPIS; Patty Blake, Hannan Junior/Senior High School (HJSHS); Chadwick Roberts, Beale Elementary and Kathy Young, Magic Years were approved.

The employment of Karissa Gibbs, Ashton Elementary; Lacy Blain, Beale Elementary and Ladona Stephens and Delaney Bronosky Wamsley as substitutes were approved.

The board approved family medical leave for Velva Matheny, Beale Elementary; the resignation of Clyde Connolly, PPJSHS; Alisha Bonecutter, Beale Elementary; Vicki Watterson, Beale Elementary and Vicki Watterson, Beale Elementary.

The Board approved the transfer of Valerie Freeman, from custodian to cook at PPJSHS; the employment of Steve Holley as custodian at Roosevelt Elementary, Joshusa Mattox as mechanic at the Transportation Department, Jessica West as aide at the Central office, Timothy Deweese as substitute maintenance, Amber Hoffman as substitute aide, Karlee Holley and Chris Watson as substitute cooks and the following substitute custodians: Cleo Smith, Chris Watson and John Watterson.

The board accepted the resignation of Kellie Thomas, assistant varsity track coach at HJSHS; the employment of Kira Northup, homebound/alternative education; the employment of the Danny Fields, junior high assistant baseball coach at WJSHS and the placement of John Cochran as the athletic assistant at PPJSHS.

The board approved the purchase of ELMO document cameras for the elementary schools and computers for the secondary schools from Zones (state contract) in the amount of $129,748.86. The funding source will be Tools for Schools.

The ratification of orders issued, transfers and supplements in the amount of $516,790.70 was approved by the board.

A special statutory business meeting will be on March 8 at 5:45 p.m.

The next regular Mason County Board of Education meeting will be March 8 at 6 p.m.

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By Brittany Hively

[email protected]

Brittany Hively is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Follow her on Twitter @britthively; reach her at (740) 446-2342 ext 2555.

Brittany Hively is a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Follow her on Twitter @britthively; reach her at (740) 446-2342 ext 2555.