Prestera offers virtual parenting classes to all

By Brittany Hively -

OHIO VALLEY — The Prestera Center is bringing nurturing parenting classes to a wider audience via virtual classes.

Rachel Henderson, state opioid response family coordinator, said she does a number of nurturing parenting groups that are treatment based and are about 17 weeks long for those in substance abuse treatment programs.

“The cool thing that we’ve been advertising lately is more of an education based one,” Henderson said. “Not really with the treatment, but educational, 10 week group that is open to anybody. You don’t have to be a Prestera client to log on and learn a thing or two about, just how to nurture a relationship with your child and kind of strengthen that relationship between a caregiver and their kid.”

Henderson said she started these groups when her daughter was two-years-old, she is now four-years-old and she said “this stuff actually works.”

“I am by no means a perfect parent and I can kind of practice what I preach,” Henderson said. “This is a strategy I can use so it’s helped me as a parent and the people who have attended my classes for the 10 weeks, they also say they’ve benefited from it and they’ve learned a few things.”

Since going virtual, Henderson said she has had a number of people attending from those needing a class due to court orders to professionals to parents just needing some new tips. She said the curriculum adapts well to virtual.

“Right now it’s virtual because it’s all virtual,” Henderson said. “Thankfully the community curriculum that I’m using blends itself pretty well to virtual learning. Obviously in-person would be ideal, but I also love that it’s virtual because that just makes it accessible to all 10 counties that I serve.”

Henderson said she is not opposed if someone outside the 10 counties would like to join.

According to Family Development Resources, publishers of the nurturing programs and who Henderson went through for training on the subject, “nurturing parenting programs are a family-centered initiative designed to build nurturing parenting skills as an alternative to abusive and neglecting parenting and child-rearing practices.”

Henderson said those interested can come to just one class or as many classes as they wish, however those that finish all ten weeks will receive a certificate of completion.

“All of these have very good information that when put together can be very helpful in nurturing relationships,” Henderson said.

Henderson said the classes give parents a new perspective to parenting.

“I’ve had somebody tell me before they didn’t really know what to do with their kid other than spanking because that’s how they were raised, so if you don’t even know the other parenting strategies, how are you suppose to implement them,” Henderson said.

According to a brochure provided by Henderson, offers topics on “guiding behavior, managing stress, praise and personal power, brain development, creating family rules, alternatives to spanking, grief and loss, communicating with respect and more.”

The next round of classes will start Nov. 1 at noon via Microsoft Teams. To register, email

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By Brittany Hively

Brittany Hively is a staff writer with Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (740) 444-4303 ext 2555.

Brittany Hively is a staff writer with Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (740) 444-4303 ext 2555.