Board of Ed. hears superintendent’s report

By Brittany Hively - [email protected]

POINT PLEASANT, W.Va. — The Mason County School Board approved several personnel and policy issues and heard the superintendent’s report at its regular meeting Sept. 14.

“The superintendent’s report is loaded with a lot of encouraging news for a change,” Superintendent Keith Burdette said.

During the report, Burdette shared the attendance numbers with graphs showing the trends.

Ashton Elementary had an absence high of 24 and as of the most recent numbers Burdette reported the school was at five.

Beale Elementary had a spike in absences right before Labor Day — which Burdette said could be the reason — the number is back down and the school currently has zero cases.

Hannan High School had a high quarantine number of 79 and was down to five.

Leon Elementary has had an absence number holding around five quarantines, Burdette said. The school has had no active cases.

New Haven Elementary was one, “we were watching pretty closely for awhile,” Burdette said. He said the past few days, the numbers have went down.

Point Pleasant Intermediate School had a high of 24 quarantined and “that’s basically half now” at eight quarantined, Burdette said.

Point Pleasant Junior/Senior High School (PPJSHS) has “seen a lot of improvement” with a high of 306 absence, that Burdette said were mostly quarantined. The COVID-19 Dashboard said the school currently has only 40 quarantined.

Point Pleasant Primary School has brought absences down from 14 to nine, Burdette said.

Roosevelt Elementary had “one little spike,” Burdette said.

Wahama High School is starting to “settle back down,” Burdette said, but he was waiting on more numbers from the school.

The School for Success currently has two active cases and one in quarantine.

The graphs displaying the absence trends will soon be on the Board of Education website, Burdette said.

Burdette said applications for virtual school will be opened up again, after a policy change, Sept. 15 and close Sept. 22 with a hope to start instruction Sept. 27.

Virtual school registration forms are available on the Board’s website and Facebook page.

Burdette said overall county enrollment is up. Currently there are 3,923 enrolled students — up 109 students from last May. That is an increase of 27 elementary students and 62 secondary students.

Burdette said he has talked to the Dr. Wes Lieving, the county’s medical health officer about homecoming and that “unless there are drastic changes of the events are a go.”

Approval was also given for a student Point Pleasant High School student to graduate early, upon completion of all requirements; a Mason County student to attend school in Putnam County and a Putnam County student to attend Mason County schools for the 2021-2022 school year.

A “Memorandum of Understanding between Mason County Board of Education and Community Access. Inc., Transition Project, to define the collaboration between Mason county Schools and community access for 2021-2022 school year. Community Access is funding through a grant.

Ratification and/or orders issued, transfers and supplements of $850,202.68 were approved.

The following were approved as drivers for the 2021-2022 school year: Melissa Allen, Jon Bonecutter, Ronald K. Browning, Mary Farley, Holly Johnson, Sarah Mayes, Randy Pierce and Kent Price after driving records were checked.

The following state travels were approved: John Bonecutter, Jed Ott, David Bonecutter, James Casto and the PPJSHS wrestling team to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for a tournament Dec. 9 through Dec. 11.; to Canonsburg, PA for a tournament Dec. 28 through Dec. 30; to Cincinnati, Ohio Jan. 7 and 8 for a tournament and to Alliance, Ohio Jan. 14 and 15 for a tournament- with the boosters funding the travels.

Placing Policy #3120.12-“Substitutes in areas of critical need and shortage, on a five day review and comment period” and waiving Policy #2370.01, “regarding student eligibility and transitioning between virtual and traditional courses.

It was approved to place Marshall University student, Shana Davis in Mason County for student teaching.

The following employments within the county were approved: Robin Fish, Russell Kidwell, McKayla Lawson, Chad Nance, Heather Conkey, Alluson Smith-Varney, Nicholas Wamsley, Patricia Gilkey, Larry Sneed, Teresa Atkinson, William Hamm, Barabara Mitchell, Jennifer Marcum, Shalyla Blackshire, Jonathan Cottrill, Lindsay DeWees, Carla Grady, Natalie Green, Cassie Goldsberry, Bruan Hamm, Amilda Noll-Thompson, Tim Maloney, Wayne Richardson, Katie Burns, Amber Layton, Richard Tolliver, Angelique Johnson and Rick Stafford.

Rockford Stafford was approved for the unpaid position of athletic assistant, Wahama Jr./Sr. High School.

The following substitute aides were approved pending full certification: Betty Cox, Sarah Doss, Susan Durst, Kelly Elliot, Ashton Hogan, Kiersten Kelley, Mollie McDaniel, Sara Roach, Ashley Simpkins, Jessica West and Amy Wray.

A 12-week, unpaid medical leave was approved for Christina Long, Beale Elementary; Tim Click, Roosevelt Elementary and Karrie Peck, aide Central Office.

The resignation of Kelly Elliot, substitute custodian and Charles M. Heib, substitute bus operator were accepted.

The transfers of Laura Bonecutter and Keri Peck were approved.

The next Mason County School Board meeting will be Sept. 28 at 6 p.m.

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By Brittany Hively

[email protected]

Brittany Hively ius a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (740) 444-4303 ext 2555.

Brittany Hively ius a staff writer for Ohio Valley Publishing. Reach her at (740) 444-4303 ext 2555.