For the record: Point PD releases unpaid fines list

Point Pleasant Police Department

The Point Pleasant Police Department has released a list of outstanding, unpaid fines it says is owed to the department.

Those wishing to pay those fines and be removed from the list can do so by calling the PPPD at 304-675-1104 or stop in at the department during normal business hours.

The list, as compiled by PPPD staff, appears below:

Anthony V. Alonzo, Speeding; Heather D. Bailes, No Seatbelt, No Proof of Registration, and Failure to Produce Insurance; Jesse W. Bailes, Expired Tags; Jody T. Bailes, Stop Sign, No Insurance; Jody W. Bailes, Expired MVI; Kimberly I. Baird, Defective Equipment, No Insurance; Eden N. Bates, No MVI, Driving Suspended, and Cell Phone Use; Chera M. Beaver, Defective Equipment; Colby M. Beaver, Expired MVI; Jeffrey D. Beckford, Passing No Passing Zone; Gina L. Bennett, Defective Equipment, No Operators; Frederick A. Bennett, Driving Suspended, No Seatbelt, No Registration Carried, Expired Registration, and No Operators; Elisha G. Bennett, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Vanessa V. Berkley, Driving Suspended; Braden B. Berkley, No Proof of Insurance; Michael R. Belville, Improper Cell Phone Use; Alan S. Biggs, No Seatbelt; Amy M. Bing, No Child Restraint, Improper Registration, No Operators, No Insurance; William A. Bissell, No MVI; Clarence N. Black, Expired Registration, No Registration in Possession; Jeremiah K. Blankenship, No Seatbelt, No Proof of Registration, No Insurance, Expired Registration; Dora J. Blankenship, Expired Tags, No Insurance; Tad J. Bonecutter, No Child Restraint, Expired Registration, No Seatbelt, No Insurance No Child Restraint, Failure to Stop, No Seatbelt.

Teahesha K. Bowman, Expired Registration, Driving Suspended; Lisa M. Breving, No Seatbelt (pass), No Seatbelt, No Insurance; Bradley A. Brooks, No Seatbelt, Failure to Produce Insurance; Jayme N. Brown, Speeding, No Proof of Registration; Angela N. Burgess, Shoplifting; Elizabeth A. Burris, Driving Suspended, No Insurance, Expired Registration; Amanda L. Burns, Permitting Driving Suspended; Brandon A. Campbell, Driving Suspended, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Jacob W. Carr, No Insurance, Defective Equipment; James M. Carter, Cell Phone; Lee S. Casto, Expired MVI, No Seatbelt, No Insurance, Expired MVI, No Insurance; Virginia M. Chadwell, Defective Equipment; Samantha K. Cheesebrew, Expired Registration; Heather R. Chapman, Expired Registration; Bruce L. Chapman, Cell Phone, Driving Suspended; Eric W. Clark, Suspended Operators, Distracted Driver, No Operators, Driving Suspended, Driving Suspended, No Insurance; Paula A. Clark, Cell Phone, No Seatbelt; Trenton A. Clark, Cell Phone; John Clark, Open Container; Zackary M. Cline, Expired Registration, No Seatbelt; Lawrence N. Coder, Defective Equipment, No Proof Registration, Expired MVI; Howard L. Cook Jr., Failure to Stop (sigh), Driving on Suspended; Meghan E. Cullip, Expired Registration, Expired MVI, No Insurance, No Operators.

Hope R. Cremeans, Expired MVI, Expired Registration, No Operators in Possession, No Child Restraint; Steven R. Crilow II, Expired MVI, Defective Equipment; Cody D. Crump, Driving Suspended, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (pass); Dustin T. Crump, Expired MVI, Driving Suspended, No Seatbelt; Randall S. DeWeese, No Insurance; Jarrod S. Donohue, Expired MVI; Ernest S. Fetty, Defective Equipment; Jack D. Garrett II, Speeding; Lisa S. Hendrickson, Speeding; Chas M. Holler, No Insurance, Speeding; Thomas R. Howard, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (pass); Ronald R. Lavender, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (pass); Odean Y. Legg, Failure to Obey Stop Sign; Travis J. Leonard, Expired Registration, Expired Registration, No Seatbelt; Alice A. Lucas, Suspended Operators, No Operators Carried; Franklin D. Luikart, Expired Registration; Paul M. Maines, No Operators, No Seatbelt; Thomas R. Mallette, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Brian C. Matlock, Speeding; Paul D. McCarthy, Driving Suspended; Brittney N. McDaniel, No Seatbelt (pass); Michael L. McKenzie, No Insurance, Improper Registration; Jimmy A. Murphy, Illegal Burn; Teresa L. Mitchell, Failure to Change Registration; Linda J. Morris, Expired Registration; Ryan L. Neal, No Seatbelt, Expired MVI, No Insurance; Allan R. Nelson Jr., No Seatbelt, No Insurance, Reckless Driving, No Operators; Marshall W. Nibert, Expired Registration, No Insurance, Expired Operators.

Adrienne D. Nibert, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (pass); Brenda M. Nollge, Expired Registration, Improper Registration, Improper Registration; Amity D. Oshel, Driving Suspended, No Insurance; Letisha D. Parriet, Driving Suspended; Lauren M. Paszck, Speeding, Expired Operators; Michael D. Patterson, No Operators; Matthew G. Patterson , Spinning Tires, Driving Suspended; Shayne E. Pennycuff, Cell Phone; Jonathan M. Perry, Defective Equipment, No Insurance, No Operators, Failure to Produce Registration; Connie S. Peruski, No MVI; James V. Piscopo, No Seatbelt, No Insurance; Talena D. Plants, Failure to Change Operators Address; Melanie D. Plants, Speeding, No Seatbelt; Melanie H. Potts, Illegal Cell Phone Use; Nathan R. Putney, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (pass); Andy G. Quimby, Public Intoxication; Jason B. Ralbusky, No Seatbelt; Thomas R. Ramsey, Expired MVI, No Seatbelt, No Insurance; Mary V. Reynolds, Driving Suspended; Cory A. Robinson, Defective Equipment, No MVI; Sarah E. Robinson, No Seatbelt, No Operators; Jaun A. Rodriguiz, Driving Suspended; Taley S. Roush, Driving Suspended, No Seatbelt; Brittani N. Roush, Expired Registration, Improper Registration, Expired Operators, No Proof of Insurance; Kourtney L. Scherer, Expired Tags, Possession of Marijuana, Defective Equipment, No Insurance.

Alyssa J. Scott, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (pass); Roy J. See, Driving Suspended, Defective Equipment; Christopher D. Shafer, Suspended Operators, Expired Registration; Howard E. Shirley, No MVI, No Insurance; Vanessa D. Shular, Expired MVI; Amy M. Siders, No Seatbelt, No Insurance; Kayla S. Simpkins, Driving Suspended, Permitting No Operators; Ashlee N. Smith, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Brittany L. Smith, No Seatbelt; Christopher O. Smith, No Seatbelt, Fail to Change Address, No Seatbelt, Unsigned Registration, No Seatbelt, Driving Suspended; Charles L. Smith, No Registration, Failure to Produce Operators; Joshua D. Smith, Driving Suspended; Roger J. Smith, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt; Samual W. Somerville, No Seatbelt; Angela J. Sparks, No Seatbelt; Tiffany A. Stamper, No Insurance, Expired Tag; David J. Stewart, No Seatbelt, No Insurance; Jordan M. Stewart, Speeding; Leonard R. Stewart, Speeding; Charles W. Storms, No Tail Lights, No Insurance; Shawn L. Taylor, Following too Closely, Failure to Maintain Control; Zachary L. Taylor, No Insurance; Markita R. Thomas, Speeding, Unsigned Registration Card.

Tyler A. Toles, No Seatbelt, No Seatbelt (pass); Andrew E. Travis, No Insurance, Expired Registration; Teresa G. Tucker, Expired Registration; Kelley D. Veazy, Driving Suspended; Cody A. Warner, No Operators in Possession; James C. Wallace, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Eric D. Wheeler, Expired Registration, No Insurance; Shawnda A. White, Driving Suspended, Failure to Signal, Failure to Obtain WV Driver’s License; Stacey A. Williams, Failure to Stop at Sign, No Insurance, Expired Operators; Ryan K. Williams, Driving Suspended, No Insurance; Jack Williams II, Shoplifting; Blenda K. Wyatt, Speeding.