For the Record: Marriage licenses, property deeds

Staff Report

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in July in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

William J. King, 56 of Point Pleasant, to Sandra L. King, 56 of Point Pleasant. Tyler P. Runion, 19 of Point Pleasant, to Jenna C. Kennedy, 18 of Point Pleasant. Joshua L. Edmunds, 38 of Fraziers Bottom, to Leanne N. Mayes, 35 of Fraziers Bottom, Tyler J. Shull, 22 of Pomeroy, Ohio, to Miranda R. Gillila, 23 of Pomeroy. Justin M. Tillis, 26 of Dandridge, Tenn., to Torie L. Meadows, 23 of Dandridge. Herbert E. Cordell, 50 of Vinton, Ohio, to Lori K. Coen, 41 of Vinton. Charles W. Hill, 30 of Henderson, to Alyssa B. Myers, 25 of Henderson. Michael L. Berry, 45 of Glenwood, to April D. Deel, 45 of Glenwood. Jerry L. Lewis Jr., 29 of Point Pleasant, to Katelynn M. Ebert, 26 of Point Pleasant. Samuel E. Gaul, 30 of Point Pleasant, to Sarah R. McGuire, 27 of Point Pleasant.

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in July in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Chistropher M. Adkins to Dylan L. Plumley and Sydney P. Burdette, Mason County. Tammy L. Waterson to Trey J. Smith, Hannan District. Tammy L. Watterson to Taylor Smith, Hannan District. DG Owner LLC to ARG DG17PCK001, LLC., Town of New Haven. Charles M. and Barbara A. Hitt to James M. and Jessica D. Hitt, Cooper District. Arville E. Sommer III to Jinna L. Arnott, Arbuckle District. Brent A. and Anita G. Cheesebrew to Mose and Susan H. Barkman, Cologne District.

HLS Services LLC. to Bryant M. Miller and Vanessa L. Bumgarner, Graham District. John M. and Sharon L. Boggess to James Hall, Union District. Raymond T. and Rebecca J. McFarland to Zelma L. Walker and Kelly D. Miller, Town of Mason. Curtis E. Hammond to Tammy S. and Paul D. Hammond, Clendenin District. Charles E. Hodge, Janet D. Hodge, nka Janet D. Barnett and Jim Barnett to Charles E. Staats III and Jacqueline C. Connolly, Robinson District. R Michael Shaw Jr., Special Commissioner, to Roger D. Gibson, est., Clendenin District. Anna M. Music to Jian C. and Duan Li, City of Point Pleasant.

Mitchell C. Williams to Erika M. Klingener and Donald R. Galloway, Cooper District. Justin, Bridget, William and Joyce Mahan to Christopher Nutter, custodian for Chistopher C. Nutter, Cooper District. Christopher A. and Cory D. Nutter to Justin and Bridget Mahan, Cooper District. Kenneth W. Brogan to Roy A. and Rosezena A. Cummings, Arbuckle District. Charles L. Riffle Sr. and Connie S. Riffle, to Charles L. Riffle Jr. and Buffy Y. Riffle, Cooper District. Charles L. Riffle Jr. and Buffy Y. Riffle to Charles L. Riffle Sr. and Connie S. Riffle, Cooper District. Lou A. Arthur and Leya A. Wayne to Everette Arthur and Timothy Akers, Cologne District.

Marjorie Cremeans to Laurence R. Zimmerman Sr., Town of New Haven. Darrell L. and Debra D. Mitchell to Austin D. and Casey D. McBeath, Lewis District. Joann M. Hicks to Ralph and Joan Thomas, Clendenin District. Randy M. Daniel to Randy M. and Laura M. Daniel, Union District. Marlene E. Reynolds to Joshua B. and Kara L. Haddox, Robinson District. Robert L. Jarrell to Andrew D. Roach, Cooper District. ACCS Marketing LLC to James P. and Lesa L. Hendricks, Clendenin District.

Joshua Fetty to Nicole Fetty, Town of New Haven. Tyler M. Thompson to Jason A. McCormick, Clendenin District. Darrell L. Anderson to Daniel E. and Patricia J. Holland, Hannan District. Eric M. Johnson, succ. trs., R. Douglas Calderwood, succ. trs., Chad A. Conrad and Myra L. Conrad to E. Thompson & Sons LLC, Hannan District. Violet M. Thomas to Larry R. Thomas, Robinson District. Charles L. and Merdith S. Marker to John and Stephanie Dixon, Lewis District.

Possum Hollow Enterprise LLC to Michael S. and Sara A. Foster, Hannan District. Dana E. and Debra E. Womack to James P. Ramirez-McComas, Hannan District. Shirley Grimm FKA Sherley Clark to Carl R. and Shirley Grimm, Cooper District. Gaylord W. Bias and Brenda J. Fisher to Austin Cole, Town of New Haven. Alicia A. Jacobs to Leona Wright, Town of Hartford. Wayne G. and Shawn P. Gibson t Robert S. Minor II and Stephanie M. Minor, Arbuckle District. Tosha L. Livingston to Tosha L. Livingston and Brenda D. Sayre, Lewis District.

William R. Kelly to Shane D. Bush and Candy N. Landers, Clendenin District. Charles G. and Rebecca J. Gibbs to Michael D. Warnick Jr., Jennifer J. Warnick and Brian F. Funk, Cologne District. Alicia Russell to David Russell, Cooper district. Barbara M. Lewis to Randy L. Parsons, Cooper District. Pamela S. Arnott to Colton McKinney and Ashley McGill, Graham District. Four Seasons Floral, LLC. to Patricia N. unt and Matthew T. Roush, City of Point Pleasant. Ryler G. and Brooklynn Handley to Janette and Jerry M. Coe, Robinson District.

Johnnie W. and Sherry Wamsley to David W. and Desirae D. Wallace, City of Point Pleasant. Austin D. and Casey D. McBeath to Ryan M. Hively, Lewis District. William K. Oliver Jr to Toby N. and Ashely S. Martin, Clendenin District. Amber Layton, FKA Amber Cottrill and Jeremy Cottrill to Darien C. Janicker, Hannan District. Gregory D. Weed to David and Julie Huff, Hannan District. Dale E. Bragg to Donna Backus, City of Point Pleasant.

Seneca Trustees Inc., sub trs, Crystal and James L. Cash to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB., Town of Leon. Brenda S. Wright to Randy M. Wright, Town of Mason. Homer O. Newell and Rachel L. Fields to Martha V. Newell, Town of Mason. Shawna J. Thomas AKA Shawna J. Bellany to Heather N. and Michael S. Treadway, City of Point Pleasant. Dennis D. Weekley II to Jennifer L. Tomblin, Town of Mason. G. Russell Rollyson Jr. Appointee WV State Auditor, Bruner Land Company Inc. to Volusa Ventures LLC, Arbuckle District.

G. Russell Rollyson Jr. Appointee WV State Auditor, Paul Hayman to Volusa Ventures LLC, Hannan District. G. Russell Rollyson Jr. Appointee WV State Auditor, Dale E. and Lola F. Olive, heirs, to Volusa Ventures LLC, Hannan District. Westphal Family Trust, Gordon E. Kathleen A. Westfall to Hiler Buffalo LLC., Clendenin District. McCoy Enterprises LLC to Hiler Buffalo LLC, Cooper District. Timothy R. Plantz to James Higginbotham, Robinson District.

Dan G. Edwards II to Leisa A. Edwards Arritt, Mason County. Nicole Fetty to Jamie L. Horton, Town of New Haven. Charles E. and Stacey M. Walton to James M. and Kelly J. Putney, Hannan District. Billie D. and Mary A. Daniel to Dawn R. Gill, City of Point Pleasant. Mikaela J. Daugherty to Mikaela J. and Timothy C. Daugherty, Arbuckle District. Emma L. McCarty, by atty in fact Teresa L. Wallace to Cindy Yoder, City of Point Pleasant. Mark J. and Kelley A. Jordan to Matthew L. Martin, Cologne District.

Jared D. Shull to Charles T. Smith Jr. and Victoria S. Smith, Cooper District. Rhoda S. and Evelyn Y. Reitmire to Audrey L. Bowling, Town of Hartford. James W. McCausland and Georgia M. McDermitt to Woodlawn LLC., Arbuckle District. James W. and Brenda S. McCausland and Georgia M. McDermitt to Woodlawn LLC, Arbuckle District. Shawn E. and Andrea J. VanMeter to Kristopher A. Clark, Town of Mason. Farmers Bank and Savings Co. to Calvin and Marybeth Preston and Dakota Summut, Town of New Haven.

Rick L. and Michael W. Price to Gregory A. Stover II, City of Point Pleasant. Howard D., Teri A. and James Blain to Jeffery Blain, Clendenin District. Dianna Patton to Barry A. Harris, Town of New Haven. Dianna Patton to Barry A. Harris, Cooper District. Carl and Charotte Hogg to Charlotte, Carl and Michaela Hogg, City of Point Pleasant. Gary L. Kerr, co exec. Mary L. Rhodes Keeler to Jeffery Ury, Robinson District.

Staff Report