For the Record: Marriage licenses, property deeds

Staff Report

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in June in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Kristen T. Broughman, 26, to Tesha A. Oldaker, 27 of Gallipolis Ferry. David W. Clark, 58 of Henderson, to Ruth A. Kirby, 56 of Henderson. Trenton M. Brewer, 26 of Mason, to Rebekah J. Bush, 24 of Mason. Kenneth W. Harris Jr., 36 of Gallipolis Ferry, to Melissa Carol Burke, 56 of Gallipolis Ferry. Alexander J. Foster, 21 of Point Pleasant, to Kyra S. Massey-Nibert, 21 of Point Pleasant. Caleb R. Davis, 29 of Pomeroy, Ohio, to Bethany A. Long, 25 of Mason.

Travis L. Rhodes, 26 of Evans, to Dreama L. Anderson, 20 of Evans. Michael A. Jeffers, 28 of Point Pleasant, to Whitney A. Cox, 27 of Point Pleasant. Jaburs E. Terri III, 43 of Evans, to Amanda S. Bryant, 36 of Evans. Bretton L. Casto, 25 of Mason, to Justine L. Bowers, 22 of Mason. Denzil L. Wright, 33 of Gallipolis, Ohio, to Jennifer N. Dobbins, 32 of Huntington.

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in June in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Larry J. and Doris J. Whittington to Douglas E. Grant, Union District. Shane Bush and Candy Landers to Nicole Eblin, Town of Hartford. Lisa Adkins to James J. Skiles Jr. and Amy M. Skiles, Hannan District. Anthony W. Sheline, Terri L. Sheline, Colleen A. Sheline nka Colleene A. Penrod and Michael D. Penrod to Kermit R. Sheline, Clendenin and Arbuckle Districts. Robert, Brian, Matthew and Mark Plants to Karen S. Plants, Cooper District. Eleanor E. Jordan to Adam B. and Katline E. Ingels, Cologne District.

Gatling LLC to S&E Claring and Hydroseeding LLC, Town of Hartford and Graham District. G. Russell Rollyson Jr appointee WV Auditor and Donnie Patterson to Frederick C. Wood, Hannan District. G. Russell Rollyson Jr appointee WV Auditor and Joseph S. Rhoades II to Patricia A. Whitlock, City of Point Pleasant. Paul W. and Elizabeth F. Crump to James S. and Nicole M. Crump, Town of Mason.

Thaddeus G. Thompson to Kenneth R. and Melissa G. Knopp, Lewis District. Amy and James A. Lewis to Martin R. Lewis, Cooper District. DG Owner LLC to ARG DG17PCK001 LLC, Robinson District. Elbert A., Marilyn M., Edward A., and Anne S. Legge to Emily M. Richardson to Clendenin District. Walter L. Dabney to Milford R. Hott Jr., Robinson Distinct. Robert and Carolyn Walker to Billy and Delores Birchfield, Clendenin District. Thomas M. and Crystal G. Mayes to John R. Carlisle, City of Point Pleasant.

William D. and Michael B. Rawson to Craig M. and Andrea L. Hesson, Lewis Distrcit. Mark A. and Lucinda G. Neal to Andrew D. Layton, City of Point Pleasant. David Thomas, Clarence Thomas and Jonathan Wilcox to Dennis Weekley, City of Point Pleasant. Ronald and Deborah A. Morrison to Joshua and Rachel Searls, Arbuckle and Clendenin Districts. Charles and Marjorie Toler to Thomas E. and Alyce K. Smith, Union District. Barbara S. Bordman, Rebecca Lambert, James H. Lewis Jr. and Connie Rottgen to Barbara S. and Stanley J. Bordman, Robinson District.

Matthew L. Clark, Beth A. Clark and Bradley H. Layne to Threshold LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Jerry L. Mullins Jr., Wendy L. Mullins, John J. Mullins, Jennifer M. Mullins and Krystil Painter to Frances Reynolds and Ashley M. Smith, Town of Mason. Michael A. Rainey Jr. to Christy Wallace, Hannan District and Clendenin District. Marc B. Lazenby trs, Scottie L. Edmonds and Ashley R. Edmonds to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., Hannan District. Shirley H. Kimble to Cherry K. Weikle, Hannan District.

Robert L. Barr II to Joseph L. Nomar Jr, Union District. Travis and Holly Tarr to Michael S. Hall, Hannan District. Phyllis Bumgarner to Matthew and Paula Rickard, Waggener District. Aaron A. Ada Kinsinger to Dennis H. and Dora R. Miller, Waggener District. Theresa G. Sweat to Daniel Smith, Hannan District. Carleen Bailes, Clinton D. Bailes, Rodney Barner, Lynda Barner, Micahel Cooper and Stacey Cooper to Steven D. Miller, Union District.

Imogene M. Hambrick to Bradley M. and Kristen K. Hambrick, Cooper District. Derrick M. and Matthew S. Taylor to Michael A. Taylor Jr., Town of New Haven. Agnes Roush to Alicia A. Jacobs, Waggener District. Freddy L. and Frances Powers to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, Cologne District. Heath A. Hesson to Eli S. and Martha A. Mast, Graham District. Bethany L. Ferguson to Lucas E. Edwards and Morgan R. Henken, Waggener District.

Rodney and Tonya Gleason to Alexandra A. and Joshua C. Woods, Hannan District. Mary Sims by atty in fact Peter Sims to Russell Nott, Cooper District. Terry, Dianne L., Tera L. and Christopher J. Wallis to James and Kathy Bowser, Clendenin District. Ronald K. Ferguson to Jacob T. Sellers, Waggener District. Frances M. Hatfield to Toby L. and Chsitina A. Rice, Town of Mason. Charles H. and Ella M. Willet to Robert L. and Sharon F. Drain, Robinson District. Robert L. and Sharon F. Drain to Charles H. and Ella M. Willet, Robinson District.

Craig Belcher to Dakota Belcher, Waggener District. Brian E. and Brenda K. Johnson to Steven D. and Roberta A. Pullins, Mason County. Cecil L. Sovine to Joshua and Vickii Vaughn, Clendenin District. Elbert A., Marilyn M. Edward A. and Anne S. Legge to Emily M. Richardson, Clendenin District. Janice E. Nolind to Jack R. and Hannelore Batten, Lewis District. Jason T. Anderson to Chelsea Hall, Town of Mason. William R. Frazier to Denise F. Johnson, Lewis District.

Lindsay Huddleston, Debra Thevenin and Sheila Harrison to Sheila and Michael Harrison, Town of Henderson. Brenton L. Morgan to Tim McGuire, City of Point Pleasant. Steven P. and Misty K. Johnson to Brian G. Peggs, Cologne District. G. Russell Rollyson Jr appointee WV Auditor andSteven F. Knapp to Volusia Ventures LLC, Cooper District. G. Russell Rollyson Jr appointee WV Auditor and Darleene and Colleen Sampson to Volusia Ventures LLC, Graham District.

G. Russell Rollyson Jr appointee WV Auditor and Timothy S. Morgan to Volusia Ventures LLC, Hannan District. G. Russell Rollyson Jr appointee WV Auditor and Nancy Bowman to Volusia Ventures LLC, Union District. Charles F. and Stacey L. Litchfield to Justin C. Litchfield, Town of Henderson. Colbe S. Ingels to Dallas L. Campbell II, Robinson District. Tonya D. Shobe, aka Tonya Raike to Randall J. Shobe JR. and Tonya D. Shobe, Lewis District. GMC Genetics LLC to Michael L. Facemyer, Arbuckle and Clendenin Districts.

Matthew D. Cochran to Brian E. and Cierra L. Debord, Clendenin District. Donna Chatfield and Bellalane Homes LLC to Robert S. Brewer III, Town of New Haven. Stewart-Harrison Investments LLC to RH Properties LLC, Waggener District. Lisa R. and Forest L. Gangwer to Jonathon F. and Jade E. Schultz, Town of Mason. Karen S. Plants to John Eilertsen, Cooper District. Justin M. Kerwood to Richard A. and Marjorie A. Kirslis, City of Point Pleasant.

Charles E. Keefer, Virginia G.K. Cross, Carolyn J.K. Wood, and Patricia A.K. Lanham to Melodie and Brett Leach, Cooper District. Karen S.T. Watterson to Loretta L. McConihay, Clendenin District. John Baker, Tammy Baker and William W. Patterson to WV Department of Transportation- Div. of Highways, Lewis District.

Staff Report