Delta variant confirmed in Kanawha Co.

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CHARLESTON — Confirmed cases of the Delta variant in West Virginia went from 12 on Thursday to 18 on Friday, as reported by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources via its COVID-19 Dashboard.

The Delta variant also went from being detected in six counties on Thursday to eight counties Friday, including one case in Kanawha County.

According to DHHR, here are the counties and numbers of confirmed cases: Berkeley, six cases; Greenbrier, Hampshire, Harrison, Kanawha, Marion, McDowell, each with one case each; Monongalia, six cases.

The Delta variant has not been confirmed in Mason County, though there have been three confirmed cases of the U.K. variant, and one of the Brazilian variant, according to DHHR.

The U.K. variant remains the dominate variant across the state with 2,394 confirmed cases.

According to reporting from the Associated Press on Friday, “Currently only about 48% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated — and some parts of the country have far lower immunization rates, places where the delta variant is surging. On Thursday, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, said that’s leading to ‘two truths’ — highly immunized swaths of America are getting back to normal while hospitalizations are rising in other places.”

“This rapid rise is troubling,” she said: A few weeks ago the delta variant accounted for just over a quarter of new U.S. cases, but it now accounts for just over 50% — and in some places, such as parts of the Midwest, as much as 80%.

Also Thursday, researchers from France’s Pasteur Institute reported new evidence that full vaccination is critical, according to the AP reporting.

According DHHR, there are currently 8,638 people from Mason County who have received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine, with 7,335 considered fully vaccinated out of an estimated population of 26,516 people – this equates to 27.7 % being fully vaccinated, and 32.6 % of people in Mason County being partially vaccinated.

The number of fully vaccinated in Mason County by age group are:

12-24 — 537;

25-34 — 454;

35-44 — 751;

45-54 — 1,097;

55-64 — 1,625;

65-74 — 1,647;

75-84 — 885;

85-plus — 339.

Beth Sergent contributed to this story.

Staff Report