Labra Brothers to perform in Pomeroy

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The Labra Brothers perform at the 2019 Blues Bash in Pomeroy.

The Labra Brothers perform at the 2019 Blues Bash in Pomeroy.

POMEROY — The 2021 Rhythm on the River Music series continues on Friday evening at the Riverside Amphitheater in downtown Pomeroy.

The event will feature The Labra Brothers and is set to begin at 8 p.m. Admission is free.

According to information provided by event organizers, The Labra Brothers have formally been a Latin funk band for just a few years. But they’ve been playing together their whole lives. Adrian, 28, is the oldest. He started learning guitar when he was six. He then started teaching his brothers how to play.

Christian, 23, said music is in their blood. “Our grandpa grew up playing in a folk band in Mexico and he taught our dad how to play guitar. Our dad taught Adrian how to play, and it was just passed down.”

Adrian said aside from their dad, their biggest influence growing up was California-based Mexican-American band, Los Lobos.

“We were all kind of entranced by their versatility and the fact that they were able to excel in so many different genres while still staying true to their Mexican-American heritage,” he said. “Growing up, we kind of identified very much with that band and we aspired to be like them.

“I think we’re providing something fresh and we hope that it’s interesting to listeners.”

Christian plays bass, Adrian plays guitar and the brothers encouraged David to take up saxophone. They all sing, and added three other members to form a full band. Danny Svenson on keyboards, Bob Young on drums and Matt Hayes on percussion.

The Labra Brothers grew up in the Youngstown suburb of Canfield, and they remain close to home. Christian and David recently moved back to Canfield and are renting a house. Adrian lives nearby.

“It’s the place where we rehearse at too, so we’re around each other all the time,” David said. “It’s surprising we’re not sick of each of other. Honestly I think we get along better now than we ever have.”

The Big Bend Blues Bash will return to the amphitheater Aug. 6 and 7 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the two-day event.

For more information and a schedule of summer concerts, visit the Court Grill, Rhythm on the River and Big Bend Blues Bash on Facebook.

Information from the Court Grill Facebook page.

The Labra Brothers perform at the 2019 Blues Bash in Pomeroy. Labra Brothers perform at the 2019 Blues Bash in Pomeroy.

Staff Report