For the Record: Marriage licenses, property deeds

Staff Report

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in May in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Joseph T. Barton, 28 of Mason, to Alexandria M. Armstrong, 29 of Mason. Jacob T. Gardner, 26 of Point Pleasant, to Aliza N. Warner, 24 of Point Pleasant. Bud A. Payne, 32 of Apple Grove, to Stacy R. Fields, 35 of Apple Grove. Colby R. Litchfield, 23 of Southside, to Samantha R. Birchfield, 22 of Southside. Andrew D. Layton, 36 of Point Pleasant, to Amber D. Riddle, 34 of Ashton. Jordan R. Cornwell, 28 of Delaware, Ohio, to Maddison R. Siders, 24 of Delaware, Ohio. Anthony P. Frederick, 54 of Racine, Ohio, to Kathy M. Marcum, 51 of Belpre, Ohio. Kody M. Swisher, 24 of Point Pleasant, to Alexis C. Crilow, 22 of Gallipolis Ferry. Brett F. Leach, 50 of Point Pleasant, to Melodie R. Polen, 47 of Point Pleasant.

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in May in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

J-2-Y-35 Water Association Inc. to Mason County Public Service District, Lewis District. Cemetery — Beale Chapel Methodist Church Cemetery Trs. to William S. and Norma L. Duncan. Betty S. Parsons, fka Betty S. Stearns to Raymond and Marilyn Boyles, Cooper District. Dunn Real Estate LLC to David and Candice Grigsby, Robinson District. Roy L. Marin, Lolita S. Martin and Diana Mitchell to Diana and Bobby R. Mitchell Jr., Clendenin District. Marcia A. Wolf to Zackery Gangwer, Town of Mason. Donald J. Zuspan to Jesee W. Howard and Jennifer L. Roush-Howard, Town of Mason.

Mildred P. Burton, by atty in fact Gary Thompson, Mark E. Stewart, Kent F. Stewart and Bernice T. Bays to Carolyn L. Thomas, City of Point Pleasant. John McClure Grubb II, George M. Grubb and Mary E. Hudson to Tomma Ranegar, City of Point Pleasant. John J. Thomas to Kelco LLC., Lewis District. Jonathan and Mary A. Edmonds to William V.L. Shurtliff, Clendenin District. Jennie J. Kahn and Dorthy M. James, by atty in fact Jennie J. Kahn to Phillip B. and Regena A. Pennington, Town of New Haven. June A. Gallagher to Pamela A. Larabee, Town of New Haven.

Rebecca Sturgeon to Amber D. Davidson, Cooper District. Anna L. Hall to Jim Tatterson, Lewis District. Betina K. Leslie, fka Betina K. Marcum to Thomas M. and Amber D. Kirkpatrick, Lewis District. Mary C. Bonecutter, AKA Mary F. Bonecutter to Ronald P. Carr, City of Pont Pleasant. Tyler Hendrix to Austin C. and Christina M. Ford, Town of Mason. John Caudill, Richard S. Richmon and Beverly Richmond to Alex and Brenda J. Schultz, Lewis District.

Larry E. Lewis II and Melissa A. Lewis to B. Michael Hable, Union District. Roger D. Arnold to Michael A. Rainey, Clendenin Distinct. Mose A. Barkman to Andy E. and Betty Yoder, Cologne District. Daniel K. Harston to Bellalane Homes LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Dunn Real Estate LLC to Bradford L. Smith, Robinson District. Harry T. Varian Jr. and Barbara Varian to Harry T. Varian III, Robinson District. West Virginia Housing Development Fund to Jon W. Parrack, City of Point Pleasant.

Brooke M. Meadows to Ryan Rickard, Graham District. Sharon L. Morris, exec. Robert J. Newberry to Frank C. and Bonnie Beckner, Robinson District. Rita G. Mace, Mitchell Mace and Johnny Endicott to Kelco LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Darlene J. Hussell to Jewis A. and Deana J. Marcum, Robinson District. Marcia C. Morgan to Dencil L. Kimberling Jr. to Melissa C. Kimberling, Union District. Scott A. and Debria I. Lee to Kayla Hoffman, Robinson District.

James W. and Tamara M. Morris to Kelly Cannon, Town of New Haven. Donna M. Pauley to Jody M. DeWees, City of Point Pleasant. Senneth and Catherine Wandling to Stephen Wandling, Robinson District. Miranda Parsons to Carolyn S. Parsons, City of Point Pleasant. Katherine M. Riggleman to Edward D. Riggleman, Robinson District. Bryant M. Miller to Jonathan Frye, Waggener District. Rebecca A. Jackson, Brenda K. Mercer and Michael R. Hall to Jimmy N. and Gloria J. Lively, Robinson District.

Maurice Alouf Jr. to Alisha S. and Ahlicea S. Byrd, City of Point Pleasant. Deborah A. Marcum, AKA Deborah A. Beckner to Kevin J. and Roswitha U. Dubois, Lewis District. Dallas L. and Deanna L. Campbell to Katie L. Thiede, Hannan District. Philip W. Hoffman Jr. and Tammy I. Hoffman to John W. and Karen J. Johnson, Waggener District. ACCS Marketing LLC and Denny L. Gleason Jr., Waggener District. Patricia A. K. Lanham to Patricia N. Hunt, Cooper District.

Samantha L. Vanscoy to Mark A. Pope, Lewis District. David and Saloma Kinsigner to Philip J. and Carrie E. Edmiston, Graham District. Eloise P. Nibert, by atty in fact Bruce E. Nibert and Pam Nibert to Steven J. and Jessica M. Nibert, Clendenin District. Caryl T. and Freda L. Canterbury to Samuel A. and Carrie L. Ferrell, Clendenin District. Donald Grant Jr., Regina Grand and RG Properties LLC to John Walker and Kelly Sowards, Hannan District. Kerr D. and Karen S. Jackson to Tyrone S. and Ashley P. Woodall, Robinson District.

Connie K. VanMatre to Natalie M. Rickard, Waggener District. Karen A. Hindel to Joshua R. Fetty, Town of New Haven. Camille A. and Rex E. Thorne to Douglas L. Followell and Violet E. Gentry, City of Point Pleasant. Velma L. Patterson, Vicki J. Counts and Ronie A. Wheeler to Pansy L. Spencer, Robinson District. James M. Wheeler III and David P. Wheeler to Pansy L. Spencer, Robinson District. Christy D. Dailey to Justin M. Kerwood, City of Point Pleasant. Shauna Drain to Tara M. Martin, City of Point Pleasant.

G. Russell Rollyson Jr., appointee WV Auditor, Mathew G. and Lisa G. Musgrave to Tali 1980 LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Craig B. Johnson to Quartier Shire LLC, Robinson District. Russell G. Nott to Helen N. McCutcheon, City of Point Pleasant. Mark C. and Teresa F. Williamson to Amber D. Fields, City of Point Pleasant. Mose and Susan Barkman to Gary T. and Gina L. Ludwig, Cologne District. Adam R. Kaylor to Derek A. Rodgers, Lewis District.

G. Russell Rollyson Jr., appointee WV Auditor and Charlotte Foley to Volusia Ventures LLC, Waggener District. Melanie R. King to Melanie R. and Rimothy J. King, Cologne District. Joseph P. Liberatore to Jason E. Sayre, City of Point Pleasant. Jimmy A. Milton and Betty Matheny to Cody and Masina Baird, Lewis District. Larry J. Whittington, Timothy L. McDade and Lisa R. McDade to Roger L. and Tina F. Casto, Union District.

Kayla L. Pearson, Jessica M. Wallace, Christi L. Knox, trs Carly J. and Dalton S. Knox to Deana Spaulding, Robinson District. Larry J. Whittington and Christopher D. Jordan to George C. and Christina Ingels, Lewis District. Geena R. Wears to Vernon Larrabee, Clendenin District. Shannon D. and Christopher B. Long to French Village Properties LLC, City of Point Pleasant. Rush and Ruth Finley to Bowen 8 Properties LLC, Robinson District. Gabriel and Amber E. Marciano to Jacob A. Woyan, special needs trust, Kelly M. Young and City National Bank co trs, Cooper District. Jimmy and Charlotte Hatfield to Terence Shannon, Hannan District. Alpha L. Wedge, by atty in fact Connie S. Rhea nka Connie S. Loomis and James Loomis to Thomas and Crystal Mayes, Lewis District.

Staff Report