For the Record: Marriage licenses, property deeds

Staff Report

Marriage licenses filed

The following marriage licenses were filed in April in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Steven C. Bryant, 38 of Cottageville, to Brittany R. Rice, 35 of Cottageville. James L. Barnett, 65 of Point Pleasant, to Janet D. Hodge, 66 of Point Pleasant. John C. Thompson, Jr., 29 of Letart to Katelin R. Vanscoy, 25 of Letart. Harley W. Rhodes, 21 of Leon, to Jessica L. Litchfield, 38 of Leon. Keith A. Hawley, 49 of Galliopolis, to Angela L. Mannon, 48 of Gallipolis. Tyler S. Dillon, 25 of O’Fallon, Mo., to Kayla L. Phillips, 23 of O’Fallon. Charles E. Meadows, 47 of New Haven, to Laura L. Smith, 49 of New Haven. Zachary J. Woodall, 30 of Charleston, to Gabrielle E. Mankin, 29 of Hartford. David L. Thomas, 66 of Gallipolis Ferry, to Vera E. Nibert, 60 of Gallipolis Ferry.

Property deeds filed

The following property deeds were filed in April in the office of Mason County Clerk Diana Cromley:

Stephen J. and Mark A. Canterbury to David R. Forbus, City of Point Pleasant. Charles E. Keefer and Virginia G. Cross to Joshua A. and Megan M. Sayre, Cooper District. Robert E. and Phyliss J. Henry to Torrie L. Epling, Robinson District. Larry R. and Brenda J. Mobley to Casey R. and Jamisa A. Bennett, Cologne District. Frank A. and Shirley A. Roth to Thomas J. Preston, Hannan District. Harry C. Farmer Sr, Kenneth R. Farmer Sr, Samuel S. Farmer and Kathryn L. Hamlin to Eric S. Devault, City of Point Pleasant.

Richard T. Neville to Henry R., Patricia A. and Jennifer L. McCoy, City of Point Pleasant. Karen S. T. Watterson to Vernon an Bettey Plants Living Trust, Henderson and Clendenin District. Beverly L. Cottrill to Anita M. Hudson, Robinson District. Melissa G. Burch, aka. Melissa G. Smith to Russell G. and Samantha J. Kidwell, Cologne District. Michael D. and Cindy Chapman to Samantha F. and Philip S. Mount, Mason County. Leroy E. Harbour to Zachary J. Adkins, Clendenin District.

Gary V. and Lucretia A. Wilcoxen to Amber D. Davidson, Cooper District. Christina M. Hicks, fka Christina M. Smith to Jason S. and Jill C.M. Davis, Hannan District. Rickey A. and Jill L. Chapman to Jeff and Diana Bonecutter, Clendenin District. Four D’s Investments LLC. to Mox Properties LLC, Town of New Haven. Michael and Sharon Williams, co-trs. Michael and Sharon Williams Family Trust, to Michael L., Sharon K. and Andrew S. Williams, Lewis District.

Brady M. Nobel, by atty in fact Gladys A. Bledsoe to Travis M. and Roberta L. Noble, Hannan District. Helen R. Birchfield to Darrell L. and Teri Pearson, Clendenin District. Derek A. Rodgers to Jacob E. Hicks, City of Point Pleasant. Steve and Emma Trent to Lowell T. Gillespie II, Cooper District. Billy R. Cowan Jr. to Tyler May, Town of New Haven. Anna L. Hall and Brandon Lucas to Brandon Lucas and Ashley Donahew, Lewis District.

Russell A. and Norma S. Voiers to Dorothy M. L. Voiers, Arbuckle District. Larry J. and Doris J. Whittington to Murl L. Tribble, Union District. Michael Means, Tabitha Cooper and Michelle Higginbotham to Michael Cooper, Union District. Iva D. Reed to Charlotte L. and William M. Deal, Hannan District. Lisa Withers and Timothy Logan to Barbara Eastham, Earnie M. Eastham Jr, and Michelle L. Carver-Eastham, Clendenin District. Joshua A. Merical to James Giltjes and sharon Pichler, Union District.

John V. Burris II and Linda D. Burris to Alan B. Terry, Robinson District. Barbara S. Bordman, Rebecca Lambert, James H. Lewis Jr, and Connie Rottgen to Paul G. and Nancy E. Straughan, City of Point Pleasant. Edward A. Cromley IV to Larry E. and Elnora M. Smith, Lewis District. Anne C., Daniel P. and Charles P. Matthews to James W. Walworth, Robinson District. Timothy L. and Carrie A. Miller to Troy M. and Lisa D. Stewart, Town of New Haven. John A. Simmons III and Tabitha D. Simmons to Jared M. Nutter and Alli M. Dewees, Union District.

Cary B. and Joe M. Supple to Jay D. and Pamela K. Akin, Robinson District. Nancy Kearns to Christopher S. Cadle and Nancy Kearns, Graham District. Tammy R. Manon, Roger E. Mannan, Kendra Pennington, and William E. Holley to Carolyn P. Elkins, Hannan District. Catherine M. McDaniel to Ashley A. Rollins, Robinson District. Michael King to Kima King, Cologne District. Thelma and Walter Trent to Sandra and Grady Grimmett, Cooper District. Branch Banking & Trust Compnay, nka Truist Bank to Jacob A. Woyan, special needs trust, Robinson District.

Houyi Guo, Duan D. Guo and Fen Z. Chen to Thomas Mayes, Town of Mason. Houyi, Duan D. and Duan M. Guo to Thomas Mayes, Waggener District. Larry Legg and Kenny Runion to Sallie Edwards-Teal, Lewis District. Darlene J. Hussell to Edward J., Connie J. and Darlene J. Hussell, Robinson District. Carles L. and Tammy L. McDade to Paul R. and Paula J. Jeffers, Cologne District.

Victoria A. Black to Damon J. Gibbs Jr, Town of New Haven. Romona G. Holland to Joshua T. Holland II, City of Point Pleasant. Patricia J. Haynes to Austin Cole, Town of Mason, Patricia A. and Edgar S. Lanham II to Katrinka H. Harris, Cooper District. Bonnie M. and Gary M. Crabtree to Lori A. and Thomas J. Fitzgerald, Graham District. G. Russell Rollyson Jr, appointee WV auditor, Roger and Opal Bonecutter to Jeff Bonecutter, Clendenin District. G. Russell Rollyson Jr, appointee WV auditor, and Shanna Cornell to Volusia Ventures LLC., Lewis District.

Jason Sanders to Candida Sanders, Lonzo Smith, Jamie Sanders and Justin Smith, Cologne District. John W. Watterson Jr. and Terri L. Watterson to David Nelson, Clendenin District. Jerry L. and Jayna C. Lowery to Kelly R. Belcher, Hannan District. Jeff Kiggins, Randy Kiggins, Tracy K. Robinson, Darleen K. Smith to David S. Meeks, Clendenin District. Clifford and Dorothy Barnett to Floyd E. Peachy, Waggener District. Craig L. and Christine N. Roush to Jeffery R. Russell, Town of Mason.

William Edmonds II and Kalee Brown to Kelly A. Miller, Cooper District. Darrell D. and Patricia A. Holland to Edward A. and Eva M. Young , Cooper District. James D. Toth to James D. and Kimberly R. Toth, Lewis District. James D. and Kimberly R. Toth to Sandra J. and Beverly L. Yost, Lewis District. Tia M. Wooten, Michael Wooten and Corrine K. Good to Tomas Mayes, Robinson District. Amber E. See to Larry and Helen J. Holcomb, Robinson District.

P.E. Watterson to Kimberly Sturgeon, Clendenin District. Gregory T. Hoffman, Brenda Hoffman and Judy J. Montgomery to Sara Critz and Matthew Montgomery, Town of New Haven. Brice K. McReynolds to Victoria E. McReynolds, Hannan District. Christopher L. and Ashley D. Swiney to Owne O. Wasonga, Robinson District. Tyler S. and Kayla E. Peyton to Justin Freman, Hannan District. Gregg D. Casto to John R. and Vickie K. Flora, City of Point Pleasant.

Staff Report